Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nine Months and Still Beasting Strong

Beast Boy is now 9 months old and is 9 months of awesome.

Same as 8 months with these additions:

Animal sounds (especially cows, cats and chickens)
The book Moo, Baa, La La La
Old MacDonald song
Reading magazines (i.e. tearing pages, crinkling the paper and practicing turning the pages) [1]
Afternoon chocolate milk and cookies with Dad [2]
French Fries [3]

[1] For reading material he prefers the current events reading of magazines. 

[2] Milk and cookies? Yes please.

[3] Always up for a good french fry.

Same as 8 months, especially the going to sleep part, with these additions:

Being imitated while whining (this results in being yelled at, a violent kick and fist shaking, not that I know from experience)
Being told "Uh uh uh..." when playing with Mom's phone and slyly trying to put it in his mouth (this results in him putting the phone down sharply and shaking his whole body while saying, "Nuhhh.")
The cold [4]
Our construction site (see above)

[4] Why?

New skills:
Clapping and saying "ehhh" (like Yay, but without the first y) [5]

Waving to people (arm making a right angle, hand extended with palm facing him, fingers open and close) while saying "Hey," which sounds like "Ey," in a raspy voice
Standing while holding on to the couch (not new, but moved up to intermediate skill level) [6]

[5] "Ehhh"

[6] Taking standing to a whole new level

Expert Skills:

Using his index finger and thumb to pick up pasta


Stickers and how to detach them from the back of his hand
How to drink from the bottom of a sippy cup
How other babies are able to move with such elegance and grace, i.e. are able to move at all

Goals reached:

Playing with Mom's phone: success, except for the not being allowed to put it in his mouth part

Favorite Toys:

Stacking rings [7]
Mom's purse [8]

[7] Where Beast Boy is, the stacking rings are sure to be close by.

[8] Mom's purse provides minutes of fun for the 9 month old. There are mysteries inside like lip gloss, and sunglasses.


2nd haircut, courtesy of Mom (The first was last month, but since it wasn't previously mentioned, his second haircut counts as a first.)
Ride down a slide (BB's opinion: not awesome) [9]

[9] The slide was not as awesome as the other kids made it out to be. Such a disappointment.

Best friends:
Dad [2]

Mickey Mouse [10]

[10] Mickey goes where he goes.

Favorite Songs:

Jump Around (House of Pain), favorite jumping song
Get Lucky (Daft Punk), favorite morning song
Happy (Pharrell Williams), favorite clapping song
Close to You (The Carpenters), favorite love song
Baby Mine (Alison Krauss), favorite good night song


Weight: 22 lbs
Height: 30 inches
Teeth: 2

Friday, January 31, 2014

8 months of the Beast

Our little beast boy is 8 months today. Here's a little summary of him:

Goldfish crackers
Videos of laughing babies
Putting everything in his mouth
His jumper
Sitting in his chair like a big kid at the table
Taking all his toys out of his little toy box, then calling for mom to rescue him by putting them all back in the box so he can take them out again. Rinse. Repeat.
FaceTime with dad
Sucking the water out of the washcloth during bath time, dipping and repeating
Smiling at people
Reading books
When dad comes home from work
Being tickled by dad

The vacuum
The blender
Anything loud
Crinkling plastic bags
Having to put his head through a neck hole
Having his nose wiped
Having his fingernails clipped
Going the *&#^$ to sleep
Being left with people who are not his parents
Being held like a baby (he's obviously too grown up for that)

New skills:
Clicking his tongue
Experimenting with word sounds
Saying "Guhkkkhh" and "Aaghkkh"
Singing when mom sings
Flinching when the car door is about to be closed
Leaning towards whoever he wants to be held by
Standing while holding on to the couch
Holding his own bottle
Choosing his pajamas

Expert Skills:
Riding in shopping carts

Why toys are so complicated to grab when floating in water
The flavor and texture of exotic foods like "chicken" and "rice"

To finally put mom's iPhone in his mouth
To once and for all put mom's glasses in his mouth
To fully explore the wonder of mom's keys in his mouth
To eat whatever mom and dad are eating (and then promptly freak out because it doesn't taste like milk or goldfish)
To fully expose each book in his library to saliva water damage thereby indicating ownership

Favorite Toys:
Zulu the collapsable giraffe
Sven the bearded Swedish puppet
Tiburon "Ronnie" the shark finger puppet

Best friends:
Magic baby in the mirror

The beloved jumper

Ever-present drool

Watching the snow fall

Sitting like a boss

Christmas morning

Church style

"Yes, I am quite the intellectual."

Hanging with dad


Cart riding

Expert level cart riding

The backseat

BFFs at our construction site


Spoon love

The independence a chair can bring

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beast Boy, the Lover Boy

An update on our Beast Boy.

At 6 and a half months, BB is sweet, cuddly, affectionate, smart, smiley, drooly, and determined.

BB is learning to give eskimo kisses, and just generally loves to be held. He will gaze lovingly into my eyes or TC's eyes for long bits of time, sometimes raising an eyebrow or both. He is so loving. He will sometimes grab my face and pull it toward him for an open mouth, sloppy kiss. Its delightful, but between that and his constant drooling, I've recently remarked that I've never had so much drool on my person in my life.

The reason for the drool, TC and I have surmised, is that heavy bottom lip that takes quite a bit of effort for him to keep up. It's so endearing.

He has an easy smile. He started smiling at 6 weeks and hasn't stopped. He can be tired, in a bad mood, hungry and whiny, and yet, if he sees a new face will generally stop whining just long enough to smile and coo at them.

He is learning to imitate. A few weeks back he began imitating a "no" head shake. And with his comedic timing, he happened to shake his head at just the right time.

Me: Trying on hats, turning to him, and asking him, "What do you think? Do you like it?"
BB: no.

BB: dramatic cough
Me: "Are you okay?"
BB: no.

He mostly uses his no to make it nearly impossible to wipe his runny nose or to refuse a bottle when he's done eating.

He is giggly for TC. Those two can play and laugh for quite a long time. And it's adorable. He also gets super giggly when he's tired. He actually gets slaphappy, which makes it hard to put him to sleep because he's so much fun when he's that tired.

BB is vocal. He is pretty much always saying something. And he can get pretty whiny. But his whines typically replace a cry. He's more prone to complain than all out cry.

And when he does cry, I can hardly stand it. It's so sad. Or it's so angry.  He's a passionate little one. If he cries, it's with gusto, and full-on in whatever emotion he's feeling. Angry? Okay, well then it's an angry cry with fists shaking and eyebrows furrowed. Sad? Lip quivering and frowning with a healthy dose of sadness is in his voice. He's good at making his displeasure known, but not always good at communicating what exactly the problem is.

He can roll to his stomach and back, but doesn't love doing it. He doesn't like being on his tummy, and sometimes seems to panic and forget how to roll to his back, complaining until one of us helps him. He's learning to sit on his own, which he can do for a minute or so if we position his legs just right, and there's nothing on either side of him that he wants to reach for. Because if he leans to one side, it's all over.

He works really hard to accomplish whatever it is he wants to do. He's determined and will not give up easily. This translates into fighting sleep with all the strength that he has. Thankfully, once the fight is over and he's asleep at night, he sleeps for long hours.

We traveled to Barcelona in October with BB and he was an angel on the plane rides, and did really well while we walking around sightseeing. He was interested, checking things out, smiling at anyone who caught his gaze as we walked around the city.

BB is still a big boy. He weighs in at 20 lbs and is wearing 12-18 month clothes. His doctor says he's killing the growth charts. I say he's killing my back.

Over Thanksgiving we went to Disneyland. He's always so interested in everything around him so I was surprised that he did not seem to like anything about Disneyland. On It's A Small World he yelled at the dolls as we passed them in our little boat. We will try again in a few years.

We are in love with our lover boy, and often remark that we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Friday, August 30, 2013

He rules with a chubby, dimpled, iron fist

Three months of Beast Boy, and this is what I have to say: I never knew that a tiny human who squalls and yells in my face to "request" my service, who looks me in the eye while he's filling his diaper, who fights me while I'm wiping HIS butt, who wakes me up at all hours of the night, demands so much of my personal time that it's nearly impossible to take basic care of my basic needs (like, you know, eat, use the bathroom, shower, get dressed...), could be so, so


In fact, I love this little squirt so much that I don't mind that he reigns as a tiny despot in this household. It's crazy how much I don't mind it. Don't get me wrong; there are days when I think I'm going insane because I haven't had a shower and the house smells like crap (literally), but a smile from the little dude (and a quick shower) makes everything alright. Other days, I think I'm losing my mind due to sleep and food deprivation, but then Beast Boy coos, and then what am I supposed to do? Nothing, except melt like putty into his chubby Roman hands and obey his every command.

So that you can understand a little bit of his delightfulness, here are some photos from the last three months in chronological order.

And that sums up three months of his life with Gordita and The Compensator.