Friday, April 24, 2009

Yet another reason I am called Gordita

No matter my size, I will always be a gordita at heart. I get excited about food in a way that may perhaps concern other people. Yesterday, I decided to take a break from my usual low-calorie lunch and treat myself to a quesadilla from the cafeteria. I was so excited about it that I couldn't stand it. And as I stood waiting for the elevator to take me down to the cafeteria my boss asked me how I was doing as he passed by. I said, like a complete food-aholic psycho, "Great! I'm going have a quesadilla for lunch." "That's nice," was the response, to which I replied, "I know. I'm SO excited." And I twiddled my fingers in the air. Complete food dork, right?

But that's me. And that's why I'm a gordita.

Here's the latest news: I just found out today that Mother's Cookies closed shop. I don't know how I didn't hear this news months ago when it happened. I've been living in an elevator, or cave, or somewhere where I don't read the news. I completely missed this announcement and I'm feeling sick to my stomach to think that I may never have those pink and white circus animals again. It's been a long time since I've had any of those, but man I can't even count the number of times I nearly put myself in a sugar induced coma over-indulging in those sprinkled delights. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO UNIVERSE?

As anxiety rippled through me at the thought of never binging on circus animals again, I searched for more information. I found recipes for near-replicas, but I'm positive those won't do the trick. I found t-shirts bearing the image of the little animals, but unless that t-shirt is made of high-fructose corn syrup and flour then frosted and spinkled, I KNOW that's not going to do the trick.

There is, however, one bright ray of sunlight that shines through the clouds of my discontent: Kellogg's has plans to distribute Mother's Cookies in the company's absence.

After several minutes of panic, now the gordita can sigh a sigh of relief. I just gotta hang on until June.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

so THAT'S why they were glaring at me

This morning I went on an excursion with my mom. She's a dear woman, who I adore. And many of you are aware that she is deaf. She talks a lot and doesn't expect much of an answer back, which is fortunate when she's the one doing the driving and would have to turn to read my lips. Yikes!

This morning's excursion was fairly uneventful except for this one thing that I am going to tell you about. (Duh! Why would I write to tell you that I went with my mom this morning and nothing interesting happened?)

When I got into her car, we hadn't driven more than a few yards before some jerk laid on their horn. Mom was blissfully unaware, but I took it upon myself to look around to discover the source of the offending honk and maybe even give them a dirty look. The problem was, there wasn't another car in sight. Within a matter of milliseconds I realized that, unwittingly, Mom was the honker. I told her what had happened and we had a good laugh. It turns out, the soft spot for the horn in her car is poorly placed right where she rests her hands while driving.

After a few moments of laughing about the accidental honking, she said to me, "Oh dear. That's why people keep looking at me funny." She explained that often when she's driving, people look at her like she's a mad woman, and she's always wondered why. And one time, she told me, as a man crossed the street in front of her car while she was at a stoplight he stared at her the entire time he crossed, even turning around when he had passed her car to look at her. At the time she shrugged it off assuming there was something wrong with the man.

And after laughing to the point of tears, we regained our composure and I told her, "Well now you know Mom." Honk to your heart's content.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Once upon a time, about a year ago, a girl named Gordita was called to teach Sunday school. She was reluctant, but had read the Ensign enough to know that people who are called to serve in certain capacities and feel inadequate are sustained and helped by their Heavenly Father so that their weaknesses can become strengths. Plus it was only once a month. So she accepted the calling.

Yesterday, a beautiful spring day, was Gordita's Sunday to teach. She was nervous as usual but there were two mitigating factors that made this Sunday especially anxiety inducing.
1. She'd had a nightmare that week that Sunday school was a complete disaster and she had forgotten that she was supposed to teach and showed up unprepared, with ugly hair, and dirty clothes. That dream had felt so real.
2. TC, a superior teacher with awards to prove his superiority in teaching, was teaching in the competing gospel doctrine class.

In order to reassure herself, Gordita began to talk herself up. Before she knew it, she had taken this positive self-talk too far and developed a false arrogance. She told herself that there were plenty of people who loved her teaching and wanted to be present in her room over the other one. She was, after all, a wonderful teacher. Maybe even the best in the ward, stake or area. Hello! How could someone named Gordita not be a good teacher? She may not know the most about the scriptures, or the deeper meaning and symbolism in the gospel, or just the plain old gospel for that matter, but she was dang good at reading that manual and following along. And she was very good at asking people to read scriptures and at writing stuff on the board while listening to the answers class members were giving. Psh. What more could you ask for in a Sunday school teacher?

But before class began she sat at the front of the room reading over her lesson and building herself up to near-haughtiness. She heard someone behind her ask, "Who's teaching in this room today?" The lady next to her answered, "That sister there. I can't remember her name." And then the first lady got up and walked out of the room.

Can you hear the air squeaking out of Gordita's over-inflated balloon? That was a quick snap back into reality, and humility. No more false arrogance and inflated egos for her. Goodbye pride. Hello humility! For a few days anyway.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

FF: Sarah

It's about time I featured another friendly friend. So, allow me to introduce you all to Sarah.

Where do I begin with some as lovely as Sarah?

Here are the things I love about her:
She's talented and creative and fashionable. Take a look at her home and see how it is in a constant state of change with her creativity.
She's graceful and elegant and sweet. She has inspired me to be better in so many ways.
She's a great mother and example to me. She plays hoops and football for hours on end just because it makes her little boy happy.
She's grateful and shows it.

For some reason, she thinks I'm pretty cool too.

I'm fortunate to live in the same building as this dear girl, and dread the day when it is no longer so. Until then, I'm soaking up all her good ideas and good manners so I can copy them and then everyone will think I'm naturally that wonderful and will be conned into liking me, but really I'm Sarah light, half as good as the original.

Thanks for being my friendly friend.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A scientist's cake

This is TC, the family scientist, with a cake that he made. It was made with love, a pinch of happiness and devil's food cake.

The longer I'm married to TC, the more I realize that his quirks and idiosyncrasies which I find so endearing are a product of him having a scientist's mind. I won't embarrass him by blabbing about his particular quirks, but suffice it to say that some tasks have a preferred method of execution that can usually be derived mathematically (which explains why I often struggle to complete those tasks using the preferred method of execution).

So I watched TC make a cake, and everything he did was so precise. He weighed each cake pan to ensure that each had the same amount of batter before baking it. (To be fair, I encouraged it because quite frankly I was curious.) When he was putting whipping cream on top of the first layer, he was deliberate in where he put each dab. The peaches were cut to the same width within millimeters of accuracy.

And just look at how neatly the peaches are arranged.

I love my scientist dearly. Observing him complete everyday tasks like it is a laboratory experiment makes my heart swell with love and joy. It's amazing what love can do.

Silk dress

Here is a photo of the dress. Never mind the doofus look on my face or the contorted pose. I never knew how hard it is to take photos of myself where I'm trying not to look silly.

And here is a photo of the zipper that lays flat, my pride and joy.

The pattern is McCalls 5579. I made view C.

Updated photos: (Sept 2010)

Since I am rather self-conscious about my shoulders and the sleeves on this dress serve only to all attention to them, I usually throw on a cardigan. This tones down the sleeves and dresses it down a bit so I can wear it to a greater variety of places.

I used silk dupioni for this project. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's new pussy cat?

I have some good news for you all. I know you've been waiting anxiously to hear all about my life and me, and more about me me me! So here it is.

I allowed myself to begin new projects because of the following:

1. I finished a dress that I started forever ago that just needed a zipper. I lack the patience required to properly sew in a zipper, plus the dress is made of silk dupioni which is quite unforgiving when you have to rip out stitches and I usually have to rip out stitches, so I was putting it off. But a few weeks back I finally got the courage to sew that puppy in. I did it by hand, which took forever (but I was watching America Idol so it wasn't completely lost time). My zipper actually lays flat.

2. I hemmed a pair of pants that I fell in love with, bought, and realized that there is not a high heeled shoe in the world that would make me tall enough for those pants. After months of waiting, I finally got up the courage to cut off the beautiful fabric and hem them to a length that fits my wee little legs. Now I can enjoy these pants that I feel in love with so long ago.

3. I finished my Paris photo book and just have to proof it and then order it from Snapfish. Now I get to start on Rome.

4. I picked up the wool coat I started in September and realized that I had made some mistakes that required ripping out seams. I HATE ripping out seams. So dear Sarah did it for me. I love her for it. Now the coat is ready for me to sew it together correctly. I am so intimidated by that coat with its lining and all. I'm hoping and wishing for the courage to pick it up again.

So completing three projects was enough for me to feel like I could start on new ones. Plus, McCalls Pattern Co. sent me an e-mail last month offering me 80% off their patterns online, which I was incapable of passing up so I may or may not have ordered seven patterns. The one I'm most excited about is this one:

Cuteness in dress form.

Photos of silk dress and hemmed pants to come.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Road rage.

Just some Monday afternoon fun.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

More great videos can be found on the LDS Church's Youtube station Mormon Messages.

Friday, April 10, 2009

March in Review

TC's birthday topped the charts for most fun in March. We threw a little party for him and had a grand old time. So grateful for those who came. A few photos to sum up the evening's festivities.

TC with the kids blowing out his candles. Thanks goodness for the children that were eager to help with the blowing, otherwise TC would have had a hard time blowing out ALL those CANDLES. (little joke about his age. hee hee.)

Again with the karaoke. None of us will be striking a record deal any time soon.

One of the best gifts ever. Thanks Kacy.

Mmm... Pizza. Kylie enjoys a piece. So did the rest of us, we just didn't get caught on camera.

This guy gets the prize for most adorable baby at the party.

Next on my list for March funness was my birthday. Breakfast at Lamb's Grill Cafe. Very delicious, crisp white table cloths, nice music... It just doesn't get any better. Then cake after a hearty breakfast. Decadence is definitely the way to celebrate a birthday properly.

GOOD morning!

Sister 1 with husband.

Sister 2.

Intense conversation with niece.

Mom & daughter.

Blowing out the... no candles? Those strawberries needed blowing on. Yeah.

Some much needed cookie sheets for a cookie baking machine. From the lovely SIL.

And, well this photo pretty much sums it all up.

Welcome April. Bring me warmer weather and more off the wall fun and elegant decadence.

Monday, April 6, 2009

What I learned from General Conference

This weekend was a wonderful feast of doctrine and encouragement from the Lord's anointed. I've made a little list of what stood out to me the most that I feel to improve upon.

1. Attend the temple. (Elder Scott)
2. Serve unselfishly. (Elder Oaks)
3. Contemplate and understand better the atonement of Jesus Christ. (Elder Holland)

What is always interesting is to know what other people learned from listening to the same talks that I did because we all take something different. What did you get out of conference?

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I suppose this is somewhat a caveat to the caveat. My responses to people tend to be benign because I lack boldness. This is my problem (this may be a surprise to my readership, or not). I have a hard time saying what I really want to say because I lack the courage to say it. Other times it’s that I’m like Marge Simpson (“Why do I always think of the perfect thing to say when it’s too late? ‘Shut up Becky!’ Yeah, that would’ve been sweet.”) and my comebacks come too late.

So I want to tell you a story about me being bold. Let me begin by telling you about a man I call Lawsuit. An older man, he was likely quite the ladies man forty some odd years ago. He is a kind man with a big heart, and on judgment day will likely be at the front of the line for all of the service he has given to others and the Church. He just has a hard time not patting people on the backside and not saying things that might make people highly uncomfortable.

Well, since this is about my boldness and not about Lawsuit, I’ll get on with the story. He made it a habit to ask BFF Kacy (remember her from a few posts ago?) on Fridays if she had a "hot date" planned for the weekend. Then on Mondays he’d follow up with “So, did you suck face?” (Both direct quotes. Inappropriate yes, but not so inappropriate as suggesting I give my male boss a “smooch on the lips” before I left work for the day.) Well I got fed up with him bugging my dear Kacy who is so kind and sweet and doesn’t get her feathers rumpled by this insensitive oaf like I do. So, one time when he was questioning Kacy about things he shouldn't I came up to him and said in my snottiest tone with the ugliest butt-face expression on my face, “Ever heard of MYOB?” He hadn’t, so I explained that it means mind your own business. He apologized and immediately left with his head down. He was strictly proper with both Kacy and I for the next few weeks.

At first I felt empowered and like justice had been served. But then the guilt began to creep in. I had been rude to him. And Heavenly Father loves him so much. How could I be so snotty to a son of our Father? One who had done so much to build the kingdom of God on earth? Why did I have to be a snot to him?

My guilt, the guilt that acts as such an effective negative reinforcement to keep my mouth shut, compelled me to make an effort to talk to Lawsuit and get to know him. I found out more about him and the difficulties he’s faced and gained a new respect for him, which led to more guilt for being rude. So the moral of the story is that I need to find a compromise in dealing with others that lies somewhere between saying what I mean snottily and being polite but not saying what I mean.

My caveat is that I just wanted you all to know that I’m actually a coward who doesn't say what she wants because she doesn't want to feel guilty later, and not this incredibly well guarded person that can curb her negative feelings towards others. But I'm working on it. Someday...

There. I said it.