Friday, April 10, 2009

March in Review

TC's birthday topped the charts for most fun in March. We threw a little party for him and had a grand old time. So grateful for those who came. A few photos to sum up the evening's festivities.

TC with the kids blowing out his candles. Thanks goodness for the children that were eager to help with the blowing, otherwise TC would have had a hard time blowing out ALL those CANDLES. (little joke about his age. hee hee.)

Again with the karaoke. None of us will be striking a record deal any time soon.

One of the best gifts ever. Thanks Kacy.

Mmm... Pizza. Kylie enjoys a piece. So did the rest of us, we just didn't get caught on camera.

This guy gets the prize for most adorable baby at the party.

Next on my list for March funness was my birthday. Breakfast at Lamb's Grill Cafe. Very delicious, crisp white table cloths, nice music... It just doesn't get any better. Then cake after a hearty breakfast. Decadence is definitely the way to celebrate a birthday properly.

GOOD morning!

Sister 1 with husband.

Sister 2.

Intense conversation with niece.

Mom & daughter.

Blowing out the... no candles? Those strawberries needed blowing on. Yeah.

Some much needed cookie sheets for a cookie baking machine. From the lovely SIL.

And, well this photo pretty much sums it all up.

Welcome April. Bring me warmer weather and more off the wall fun and elegant decadence.


  1. How do you stay so thin with all the baking you do?? You must have amazing will power:).

  2. Yes Kris you do look amazing! What's your secret??

  3. Did you make TC's cake? It looks decadent!

  4. TC's cake is courtesy of Costco. 7 lbs of chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate with chocolate frosting.


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