Monday, April 6, 2009

What I learned from General Conference

This weekend was a wonderful feast of doctrine and encouragement from the Lord's anointed. I've made a little list of what stood out to me the most that I feel to improve upon.

1. Attend the temple. (Elder Scott)
2. Serve unselfishly. (Elder Oaks)
3. Contemplate and understand better the atonement of Jesus Christ. (Elder Holland)

What is always interesting is to know what other people learned from listening to the same talks that I did because we all take something different. What did you get out of conference?


  1. I did not watch the whole conference, but i will.. don't you worry! I did watch the last session tough. i deffinetly was edified. Elder Oaks talk kinda made me ponder. (letting go of my selfishness and bare children). hehe. we will someday. :)
    i commented on your last post and left my email address.. let me know if you saw that. i just wanted to emal you a short email about working for the church, etc. email me when you have a moment.

  2. What stood out to me is that we need to stand strong in the faith regardless of what's going on in the world. It's been on my mind lately, so it really spoke to my soul.

  3. This was a our first GC with a mobile child, so I must admit I could not pay as close attention as I usually do. However, in general, conference always gives me the desire to do better and be better (follwed by a little guilt, admittedly). So, this week I feel "back on track" in many aspects of life.

  4. Verusca,

    You and Jimmy should come over some time. Sorry Kristina to use your blog as a communication tool but I do not have their info!


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