Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I know my letters

* I think this post is going to be long. Just a fair warning in case you don't feel like looking at a long post.

I haven't been sewing. I haven't been blogging. So what have I been doing?

Besides sleeping, a lot, for some reason, and working a lot on a big project that I am excited to share with you in a few weeks, I've been drawing. Remember way back in 2010 I was working on my drawing? Well, I'm still working on it. And I've decided to share, for your entertainment and enjoyment, some of my work.

So, I've actually managed to draw some things that are not demented looking.

For example, here's a cat:

Now I'm not saying that this cat is the most adorable, cuddly cat ever drawn, but compared to the way I used to draw cats, 
this is amazing.

So I've been drawing and plugging away, trying to improve my skillz. In fact, I decided to redo my alphabet project, but this time I drew all of the animals myself. All of them. Even the armadillo. Yikes. And, I did it in Spanish. Let me show you a little bit.

Here's my little burro. This donkey has a big head, little legs, and fat little body. I love this little guy. His eyebrows make him look intense. 

My lion. He is just so smiley. He makes me happy. And he has wee beady eyes.

Otter. Why I otter... I like how spread apart his eyes are.

This dog looks ready for action. With his ears back, this perro is playful and poised to pounce.

Armadillo! Really? A cute armadillo? This was quite a feat for me. I put him crossing a road because that's how I always imagine armadillos. Don't even try to figure it out. It makes no sense. But if you have any psychoanalysis for me about this, let me know. I'm slightly curious.

Yak. I think his horns are my favorite. And his little beard. And his eyebrows.

So not all of my drawings made the cut. Here's my first try at an iguana, which has been described as a green hot dog with legs.

My first attempt is, well, funny looking. His eyes are surprised, his tail too short, and head too round. 

The second try turned out looking more like an iguana, and less like a hot dog. So I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out. I love his little spikes. And I really like his front arm/leg.

This is my first attempt at a bull dog. He's better than my original dog, but his body is too boxy, and legs too little. As I was typing this I realized how unnecessary it is for me to describe this poor little guy's deficiencies; they are readily noticeable.

This is my second attempt. This dog needs a diet.

And then you have my latest attempt, which is my preferred version:

So what does all this mean? It means that abilities are part talent (which I do not have), and part practice. With enough work, perhaps a person can improve where things don't come naturally to them. And I think I've improved. I won't be winning any awards for my art. Don't get me wrong; I have no airs of grandeur here. But man, what an improvement!

With the exception of the letter X (why aren't there animals that start with the letter X in Spanish?), I have finished this project, and am thinking about what I will do with my drawings (print a book from Blurb?, Use as prints?), and what I will work on next.