Sunday, December 30, 2012

Are you just, gaining weight?

My tummy is beginning to protrude, and I haven't really bought any new clothes, so I'm currently experiencing the challenge of making my old wardrobe work. I think, for the most part, I've succeeded in finding things that fit without looking frumpy. For The Most Part.

The other day I must have been wearing something frumpy because a well-meaning older neighbor lady asked me, in a crowded place no less and in a loud voice that caused everyone around us to hush, if I was, "...just gaining weight?" My response: "Yes I am gaining weight, but it's mostly because I'm pregnant." And she was happy and excited for us. And it was joyous.

What I didn't say but kind of wanted to was, "It's also partly because I'm constantly hungry and only certain foods sound appealing, and it's never salad that's at the top of my list."

What an awkward way to ask about a lady's growing gut! It made me laugh, luckily. I could see it going the other way, so I'm happy it just made me chuckle.

To answer the burning question on everyone's minds, yes, I am showing. But in my mind it's that inelegant waistline weirdness that doesn't represent itself clearly as a baby bump. It's more like, "Whoa girl! You ate a lot of meatloaf!" But every day it looks more and more like a baby, and less like meatloaf, so that's good.

And belly shots? Not on this blog. Sorry kids. But here's a fairly recent picture of me.

My face is quite a bit rounder than normal.

Oh, and check out those boots! They are Aldo Dannis and guess where we found them! In Honolulu. And can you imagine that they were marked down from $130 to $25?!?! I scored big time, but what in the world were those boots doing in Hawaii? I'm not complaining. These are comfortable, warm and cozy and fun to wear. A two-year-old friend of mine likes to pet them. Honestly, so do I.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Guess what people!

You've got to guess!

Fine, I'll tell you. There is a new breakthrough in math.

1 + 1  =  3*

Get it?


I'll tell you then.

The Compensator family is having a baby. In June we will hear the pitter patter of little Compensator/Gordita feet. We are excited, thrilled really. We have waited for this for so long. However, there's still a twinge of panic for both of us. Funny how you can want something for so long, and then when it happens you feel completely unprepared. At any rate, we are excited to have a little person in our lives. 

On that note, I've been sick, but now that I'm out of my first trimester I am starting to feel better little by little. My waistline is increasing and fewer and fewer of my clothes fit. It's a bit alarming, and I find it difficult to be okay with the increased girth, but rationally I know that this has to happen, and that it's all for the little one's good. 

Artist's rendering of future baby The Compensator.

Some time I'll bore you with all of the strange and interesting symptoms of pregnancy. I find it all fascinating, if not a little odd and sometimes frustrating.

*TC, the family doctor and scientist who spends most of his days with mathematics had nothing to do with this gross miscalculation. In fact, if he knew I put that on our blog, he'd probably cringe at least a little, and maybe begin a tirade on the importance of mathematics in our lives. But really, that's why I love him.