Monday, July 7, 2014

One year!

I can't believe we kept this baby alive and relatively happy for one whole year. I remember worrying when we brought him home from the hospital that I wouldn't be able to keep him alive, that I would forget to feed him, or change his diaper, or help him sleep. But I soon realized that this model of baby is the enhanced model, with an advanced alert system that notifies parents and anyone within .25 miles of his needs. Loudly, and determinedly. 

At any rate, we celebrated the Beast's birthday at the end of May. I'm a bit late in recording the joyous  celebration of the anniversary of his birth.

This is a picture of TC with BB. BB was mesmerized by the flame (future pyro?).

After snapping this picture of BB, I happened to scan some photos of TC, and this is what I found:

Yep. That's TC in the blue overalls on his first birthday. His lovely mom is holding him up. If there was any doubt that BB and TC share DNA, I think these photos dash those doubts into tiny tiny pieces.


New skills:

May was the month that the Beast discovered standing. His friend and secret crush Kairisti taught him he could stand up while holding her hand, and it was all over from there. All he wanted to do from that point on was stand with help (much to the pain of my back). 

This kid discovered that when one hears a beat, one must move their body. He twists from the waist while he swings his arms.

Drinking from a straw.
We've been hoping he'd learn this skill for a while. Now his life of enjoying Slurpees and Big Gulps can begin.


Riding in his new carseat
Being able to see out the window? Priceless.
Pretty much the best thing ever.

Eating grass/Being licked in the face by a dog.
This one is a twofer. The kid was having a bad day, and I was having a bad day, so we went for a walk. We walked to Memory Grove and sat on the grass. Beast Boy grabbed a handful of grass and tasted it. He also tasted dried leaves and other lawn paraphernalia. It was non-awesome for me. Also, while tasting grass a rather large, unleashed dog bounded our way, and before I could effectively scoop him up to safety, said dog licked the Beast in the face. The Beast was bewildered and unsure of an appropriate reaction.

Me? Eat grass? Why I never!

Finally met a creature more slobbery than he.



This kid discovered the word, "Yeah." And he often uses it in context. 
Me: "Hey, do you work out?"
BB: "Yeah."

Me: "Would you like to eat yogurt?"
BB: "Yeah."

Me: "Are you the cutest ever?"
BB: "Yeah."

Also said several times in context before he began to refuse to say it. 
Me: "Where's the light?"
BB: Pointing at the light. "Yight."

Favorite Activities:

Playing with Dad. 
No further explanation needed.