Who are these people?

I am Gordita. I'm the blonde one that sews stuff. I love sewing. I think about sewing before I fall asleep, I dream about sewing, I spend ridiculous amounts of time planning sewing projects. I've been sewing since I was an 8 year old in California. Back then my specialty was clothing (belted tube dresses especially) for my Barbies. Now my specialty is clothing for myself. 

Other than sewing, I enjoy any domestic art there is. I enjoy trying new recipes even though 80% of the time my efforts are only marginally successful. I enjoy baking. I enjoy scrapbooking, photography, crafting, decorating, drawing, fashion and anything that is pretty or lovely or creative. Someday I hope to knit, crochet, can, grow a garden, and can things grown in my garden. All in due time.

The Huz, The Compensator (TC), the Man, Hottie Face, all refer to my husband of 12 years. He's awesome, and is a hunky hunk all the way from Argentina. He is a scientist and thinks like a scientist, but with the passion of a Latin lover. Seriously he's brilliant, and although he does not sew, he contributes quite a lot to my projects. He's an idea man, and has a great eye for fashion, but is still ever so manly. 

We met as students at BYU, and have since finished our schooling. We work and live in Salt Lake City and love it because it is really a great place to live (which is funny because if you knew me growing up you know that I hated Utah and all things Utah with a passion that was unbeatably vehement, but I've since had a change of heart).

I post about shoes, clothing, my sewing projects, other creations, and sometimes I just whine and complain or make stupid jokes.

Gordita and the Compensator on one of their AMAZING adventures.