Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Redecorating-Part 3

I've given up on ever taking actual photos of our "redone" room, so anyone who is interested will have to use their imagination.

We bought a new dresser at Ikea. We listed our old one on craigslist for free, and within ten minutes had 15 responses. Someone came that night to pick it up. So, the problem of the super ugly dresser was solved!

We removed the headboard and footboard from our bed because it is bulky. So, until we sell it, it's in our spare bedroom. If you know anyone that's interested...

We also bought a huge mirror, which leans against the wall next to my lingerie chest. I love it!

Then, lastly, we bought a new bedspread. In real life, it's more navy blue than in this photo. We aren't using the shams that came with it because it's just a bit much. But with our red sheets and white shams the bed looks lovely, and patriotic!

So, there is our redecorating in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Redecorating-Part 2

So we decided not to paint our room, at all, ever. Okay, well at least not for now. Something just didn't seem right about it. So, instead we bought a dresser and a lovely full length mirror. Last night we spent organizing and putting the new dresser together. It was good times. The room still isn't finished though. I WILL post photos once the decorating process is complete.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


After taking inspiration from my good friend Kacy, TC and I decided that our bedroom was in desperate need of a make-over. So, after some serious deliberation and experimentation, we have decided to rearrange the furniture and paint one wall. We have already chosen an electric green for the wall, leaving the trim and all the other walls white. We bought a new duvet cover, which is navy blue with white designs.

Tonight our task is to buy paint, and perhaps begin painting. We have to work our redecorating schedule around the Jazz games, which are Wednesday night and Friday night.

It's exciting to change things up a bit! I'll post photos when we've finished the room.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


So yesterday was the big day for The Compensator. He got all gussied up in his cap and gown (which I maintain he looked hot in), and received his nifty diploma cover. Here are some photos that chronicle the event.

Here are TC and his colleagues walking into the auditorium. The sea of black and red was astounding.

TC and his classmate Nick. They worked in the same basement lab (which was dark and dank, according to some sources). There were some good times, and then some other times. The only two males on their research team, they had to stick together.

TC and Gordis after the ceremony with our nephew Matias. He's cute isn't he? I am displaying TC's diploma cover, which was the prized gift of the day.

TC with his sisters and nephew (left to right: Julieta, TC, Matias, Rosalia and Victoria).

TC and brother-in-law Noel. And of course, once TC and Matias met up, they were inseparable.

Mom and Dad came too. And, just to be completely festive, they wore red. Go Utah!

Here's the lovely Julie. What a gorgeous girl.

We went to Tucanos to celebrate the occasion. Once our waitress (center) found out that we were celebrating TC's graduation, they brought him a complimentary dessert and sang "Happy Birthday" to him in Portuguese. It's the thought that counts.

TC and Vicky get close for a photo. Any resemblance?

This is Matias once he saw the complimentary dessert that the happy graduate got. He was so excited to see the mounds of whipped cream and chocolate syrup

Kaye Lani and Kylie playing pat-a-cake. Kylie is having a great time!

Carter actually posed for me, after I took twelve silly photos of him first.