Friday, January 31, 2014

8 months of the Beast

Our little beast boy is 8 months today. Here's a little summary of him:

Goldfish crackers
Videos of laughing babies
Putting everything in his mouth
His jumper
Sitting in his chair like a big kid at the table
Taking all his toys out of his little toy box, then calling for mom to rescue him by putting them all back in the box so he can take them out again. Rinse. Repeat.
FaceTime with dad
Sucking the water out of the washcloth during bath time, dipping and repeating
Smiling at people
Reading books
When dad comes home from work
Being tickled by dad

The vacuum
The blender
Anything loud
Crinkling plastic bags
Having to put his head through a neck hole
Having his nose wiped
Having his fingernails clipped
Going the *&#^$ to sleep
Being left with people who are not his parents
Being held like a baby (he's obviously too grown up for that)

New skills:
Clicking his tongue
Experimenting with word sounds
Saying "Guhkkkhh" and "Aaghkkh"
Singing when mom sings
Flinching when the car door is about to be closed
Leaning towards whoever he wants to be held by
Standing while holding on to the couch
Holding his own bottle
Choosing his pajamas

Expert Skills:
Riding in shopping carts

Why toys are so complicated to grab when floating in water
The flavor and texture of exotic foods like "chicken" and "rice"

To finally put mom's iPhone in his mouth
To once and for all put mom's glasses in his mouth
To fully explore the wonder of mom's keys in his mouth
To eat whatever mom and dad are eating (and then promptly freak out because it doesn't taste like milk or goldfish)
To fully expose each book in his library to saliva water damage thereby indicating ownership

Favorite Toys:
Zulu the collapsable giraffe
Sven the bearded Swedish puppet
Tiburon "Ronnie" the shark finger puppet

Best friends:
Magic baby in the mirror

The beloved jumper

Ever-present drool

Watching the snow fall

Sitting like a boss

Christmas morning

Church style

"Yes, I am quite the intellectual."

Hanging with dad


Cart riding

Expert level cart riding

The backseat

BFFs at our construction site


Spoon love

The independence a chair can bring