Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Redecorating-Part 3

I've given up on ever taking actual photos of our "redone" room, so anyone who is interested will have to use their imagination.

We bought a new dresser at Ikea. We listed our old one on craigslist for free, and within ten minutes had 15 responses. Someone came that night to pick it up. So, the problem of the super ugly dresser was solved!

We removed the headboard and footboard from our bed because it is bulky. So, until we sell it, it's in our spare bedroom. If you know anyone that's interested...

We also bought a huge mirror, which leans against the wall next to my lingerie chest. I love it!

Then, lastly, we bought a new bedspread. In real life, it's more navy blue than in this photo. We aren't using the shams that came with it because it's just a bit much. But with our red sheets and white shams the bed looks lovely, and patriotic!

So, there is our redecorating in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Having seen it in person, it looks fantastic! I hope you guys are still happy with it. Such a happy place to be-- your house!

  2. Wow, a lingerie chest. . I've never thought about getting one of those:). Your dresser and bedspread look really nice. Rich and I want to update our bedding as well but we have a really hard time figuring out what we want.

  3. Lingerie chest? Scandalous! I love it! Also, your patriotic bed sounds lovely:)


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