Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm coming out of the closet about something that we do. We nickname people, places, and just about everything with a name. I don't know why we do it because most of the time the nickname is a lot longer than the actual name (like our friend Jared is "the Brother of Jared"). But it adds something to our conversations to make them interesting. Here are some of our most used nicknames:

-Smithers (Smiths Food and Drug)
-Albertos (Albertsons)
-Wally World, or Hell (Walmart)
-Keifer Sutherland (my brother-in-law Keith)
-Whitney Houston (a friend named Whit)
-Derrickus Maximus (my nephew Derrick)
-Ivanator, Ivanovich, Ivancito (Ivan)
-Kristinita, Gordita, Gordy, Gordis (Kristina)
-Volvis, Volvito (Volvo)
-Frodo feet (to refer to a person with chubby, hairy little feet)
-Caesarino, Brother Caesar, Caesar's (Little Caesars)
-Jardin de los Olivetos (Olive Garden)

Are we the only ones who make up nicknames for things that need no nickname? Are we the only ones who sing in the shower changing the words to fit our mood or activities for the day? Are we the only ones who delight in coming up with clever rhymes? Are we the only ones who are apparently stuck in our prepubescent years? Or are other people just better at hiding it, or at least not blogging about it making their defects decidedly public?

Questions for the soul...


  1. We call Canada Canadia and we call Target Tar get (with a French accent).

  2. Jeff and I do do it too. I have to admit that I do hide a little bit of my weirdness from the blogging world - I don't want everyone to know that we are truly freaks at heart.

  3. We call our baby girl "the she-pup". This is because after she was born our red-neck friend wanted to see her and he said, "Let make come take a look at the new she-pup."

  4. Amy-I'm a complete freak, no matter how hard I try to hide it. I'll always be a freak inside a fairly normal looking body.

    Jenni-Canadia is definitely one I haven't heard before. I just might use it.

    Kim-What kind of red-neck friends do you have? And where do you meet these alleged "red-necks"? Ivan and I laughed about "she-pup" for most of yesterday. Very funny.

    Jared-Thanks for liking it, and for the rare comment.

  5. I love that you do this! I am currently laughing myself to death at my desk. I especially love that you call Walmart Hell, I also do this. We've nicknamed a few things as well.... Taco Bell=Taco Hell, North Ogden=Point of N.O. Return, Wall Street (in Ogden)=ride of death, etc.

  6. I found your blog! And now I realize that I need to stop all of my selfish "Well, I have blogs but Mike doesn't" action and set one of for the two of us. You have inspired me.

    At our house Canada is often Canadia. And 7-11 has been "Sev" for me for years.


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