Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Weekend

I hadn't been to the movie theater since we saw Iron Man a few months ago, and this weekend I saw TWO movies in the theater. So fun.

On Thursday I went with some friends to see Kung Fu Panda. It was surprisingly funny. My favorite line: "There is no charge for awesomeness, or attractiveness." Funny. And in the end it has a good message about accepting others for who they are and learning to appreciate their strengths. Great lesson.

On Friday, TC and I went to see Wall-E. We both enjoyed it immensely. About half-way through the movie we realized that there was really no dialog, and yet we were very engaged in the story. The robot is likeable, naive and understandably lonely. So when he comes in contact with a female robot and immediately falls in love (as much as robots CAN fall in love), it's endearing. He takes care of her and does everything he can for her. The movie was enjoyable, adorable and funny.

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