Monday, June 9, 2008

San Francisco

If you were going to the San Francisco Bay Area, what would you do?

I have thought this through, and decided for both TC and I that we want to take a trip sometime in July to San Francisco (assuming all works out for us to take such a trip). The following activities are on my list:

  • Eat several times at In-N-Out because it is yummy, and absence makes the desert-dwelling, In-N-Out deprived heart grow fonder.

  • Hit fabric outlets in San Francisco, because I MUST have more fabric.

  • Go to Alcatraz, because although I grew up in the area I have never been, and neither has TC. And what's not to love about a remote prison island surrounded by hypothermia-inducing, shark-infested water?

  • Go to Carmel Valley for our super-secret discount place that sells super-secret stuff (ties).

  • Go to Berkeley, because TC and I have never been and we will likely travel with my good friend Kacy, who lived there and can show me all the cool stuff that Berkeley has to offer.

  • Hit the old neighborhood in the 'Vale.

  • Eat at Tia Juana's in Sunnyvale on Duane Avenue because it is the most delicious Mexican food ever, by which I measure all other Mexican foods. Unfortunately for TC, he does not have the palate to appreciate (endure) the kind of spicy-hot-burn-off-your-taste-buds-and-set-your-pants-on-fire gastronomic delights that "La Tia" has to offer. But he loves me, and I will personally ensure that he has a keg of water at hand to put out the fire.

So that's all I have in mind. I know I could check out or some other such resource, but since several of my friends are currently living there, and others have recently traveled there, you tell me: what would you do if you were going to spend a week in the Bay Area? I'm not above doing the touristy cheesy "visit the Full House street of row houses" type of stuff. And I also appreciate the insider scoop side of things.


  1. I think you should go with a list of possible activities and see where the days take you! So much more spontaneous and fun. Your whole list sounds fun to me! I hope you get to go!

  2. Ah, San Francisco! If you guys come out here, we should totally get together! In fact, if you would like a personal tour guide for San Francisco, I am volunteering my services. I know lots of great places to eat and tons of fun things to do, touristy or non-touristy. San Francisco = good times. Let's play!

  3. Um, I think you should definitely go to dinner with some friends who happen to live here--like Tina, Jenni, and Me and whoever else:). Or is it whomever else? Anyways, don't know if you've ever been but the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz is an inexpensive and kind of querky place to visit.

  4. I think you should go to Great America. I also think you should avoid Berkeley like the plague. There are lots of Democrats there. What could be worse than a place with thousands of Obama supporters?


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