Thursday, April 16, 2009

FF: Sarah

It's about time I featured another friendly friend. So, allow me to introduce you all to Sarah.

Where do I begin with some as lovely as Sarah?

Here are the things I love about her:
She's talented and creative and fashionable. Take a look at her home and see how it is in a constant state of change with her creativity.
She's graceful and elegant and sweet. She has inspired me to be better in so many ways.
She's a great mother and example to me. She plays hoops and football for hours on end just because it makes her little boy happy.
She's grateful and shows it.

For some reason, she thinks I'm pretty cool too.

I'm fortunate to live in the same building as this dear girl, and dread the day when it is no longer so. Until then, I'm soaking up all her good ideas and good manners so I can copy them and then everyone will think I'm naturally that wonderful and will be conned into liking me, but really I'm Sarah light, half as good as the original.

Thanks for being my friendly friend.


  1. You both seem elegant, graceful and gorgeous to me. (I'm referring to you and Sarah. Your other half inspires other adjectives, like brilliant, entertaining, colorful.)


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