Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A scientist's cake

This is TC, the family scientist, with a cake that he made. It was made with love, a pinch of happiness and devil's food cake.

The longer I'm married to TC, the more I realize that his quirks and idiosyncrasies which I find so endearing are a product of him having a scientist's mind. I won't embarrass him by blabbing about his particular quirks, but suffice it to say that some tasks have a preferred method of execution that can usually be derived mathematically (which explains why I often struggle to complete those tasks using the preferred method of execution).

So I watched TC make a cake, and everything he did was so precise. He weighed each cake pan to ensure that each had the same amount of batter before baking it. (To be fair, I encouraged it because quite frankly I was curious.) When he was putting whipping cream on top of the first layer, he was deliberate in where he put each dab. The peaches were cut to the same width within millimeters of accuracy.

And just look at how neatly the peaches are arranged.

I love my scientist dearly. Observing him complete everyday tasks like it is a laboratory experiment makes my heart swell with love and joy. It's amazing what love can do.


  1. Wow. I usually dump the can and then smooth out to the extent that it doesn't take me too long or work too hard.

    This is why I suck and physics, I suspect.

  2. Unbelievable. That looks delicious.

  3. I have never thought of weighing the pans! Genius! Honestly, I will start doing this now because my eye-balling tactic has not worked out so well.

    And like I said before, Einstein!


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