Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer of George is gone...

This summer of 2008 was supposed to be the Summer of George.

I had wanted to attend every festival, enjoy the State Fair, ride roller coasters (no matter how dinky) at the Lagoon, spend a day in the sun on the grass, ride my bike until it gets dark like I did when I was a kid, stay up late watching movies, take a spontaneous trip out of town, go to the zoo, go for a drive in the canyons...

But instead, the State Fair didn't fit into our schedules, some festivals seemed like a waste of money, Lagoon really isn't all that it's cracked up to be when you've been to bigger amusement parks, in order to spend a day in the sun I have to apply and reapply sunscreen by the liters, I tried riding my bike and fell off and injured myself, I get sleepy at 10pm and will fall asleep watching any movie past that hour, spontaneity is overrated, the zoo is... well I don't have an excuse for that one, and a drive in the canyons doesn't have to be a summer activity, so I don't know why I'm whining.

If you've read this far, I'm impressed with your loyalty. When it comes down to it, my summer wasn't the Summer of George because I didn't make it the Summer of George. But I still had a lovely summer. I went bowling, had a campfire, saw two parades, watched fireworks up close, threw a big party, went to the Farmers' Market, rode my bike on Antelope Island, lounged by a pool, took photos just for the sake of taking photos, went to Park City one day on a whim, baked a cake for no reason, sewed for people other than myself, and, best of all, I spent an unprecedented amount of time with TC, my favorite person of all time.

And, as if this post wasn't going on for long enough, I made new friends. I no longer feel like I have no where to turn (besides TC) when things get rough. Even though this summer didn't turn out to be the Summer of George I expected it to, it turned out even better.


  1. Sounds like the summer of Kristina was pretty good. Amen to the zoo and Lagoon. Things definitely change as an adult as far as what is fun in the summer. And although you didn't ride your bike until it was dark, you rode it until you broke your body!

  2. Although Dalene likes the "Summer of George" episode, Dalene also likes reading about the Summer of Kris. Dalene thinks Kris did lots of fun things this summer. Dalene is so happy for Ivan and Kris. Dalene thinks Kris looks great.

  3. Haha to "Summer of George!" I love that, you're so funny. And a big old CONGRATS to Dr. Ivan! Holy wow! ;)


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