Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Superhero

The Compensator is my superhero. He has super human intelligence, the power to sense the slightest human suffering (name that show and get 50 points), is strong, can fix anything and keeps me safe. He can fly; he once flew 800 miles just to comfort me. He is willing to stand for justice. He goes the extra mile. He is my superhero in no uncertain terms. I'm a lucky gal to have the Compensator on my team.


  1. He sounds like the perfect man - not a bad catch, eh. What brought on this post at this time - anything extra special happen or were you just having one of those moments when you look at your spouse and realize how awesome they are?

  2. That is pretty much one of the cutest (or most cute?) photos I have ever seen! Ivan is a pretty great guy...I'm partial to Jason, but I love you both! ;-)

  3. Aahh, you're making me cry. The picture is too cute.


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