Saturday, March 3, 2012


Thank you for all of the positive comments! It is so rewarding to share a project like this with the world wide internets and receive such positive feedback. It gave me major warm fuzzies.

Last Sunday I decided that I wanted my little animales to be printed in a book. So I uploaded it all to Blurb and ordered a copy. While the expected ship date was March 12, I received it yesterday. So fast! And what's even better than fast is the quality! It's beautiful. The colors are vivid, the paper feels great between my fingers, and the cover is glossy.

So I decided that maybe I'm not the only one who might want an animal book in Spanish. Ha! I might be, but I might not be. In the off chance that I'm not alone, I've made my Blurb book public so that anyone who is interested can order a copy. Just click on this link if you are interested in ordering one.


Update: just a note on the price. It's a lot. The price is the cost of printing the book (set by Blurb) with a $1 markup for me.


  1. SO CUTE!

    Maya would love this... she's been counting in Spanish lately, I think she'd love the Spanish animals.
    Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring this..

    SO CUTE!

    (Is it just my browser... or is something missing from the "D" page on blurb?)

  2. Thanks Melissa. It's fixed now.


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