Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Joy of Havanna

On Tuesday, TC's mother Beatriz (or la Mamu as I call her) came into town. She's here for a month to see her new grandbaby in Provo. She brought us treats.

Knowing her son all too well, she brought alfajores for TC, which are a tasty chocolate delight (at least the ones she brought).

See how pretty they are?

I was pleasantly surprised when she gave me these Havanna Lemon Cookies, which are purely lemony deliciousness. She said that she and Carlos know that I'm more of a fruity treat fan, so they bought those especially for me. They smell divine, they look exquisite, and they taste like a dream come true.

Thank you Carlos and Beatriz. I will not soon forget your thoughtful and kind gesture.


  1. Kristina do you think Ivan will share one of his chocolatey treats? Ok I'm a jerk for asking. He deserves all the tasty treats in the world for as hard as he's been working. I really like your mother in law's name. :)And lastly, congratulations on the new nephew. He's beautiful and so lucky to have an aunty like you.

  2. Ivan and Kristina,
    How are you? Looks like life is going well for you two. We wish we were still hangin' with our Brigham crew. Anyway, we check your blog a lot, but I'm going to add you so we can check it more regularly.


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