Monday, January 31, 2011

Wanted: Appreciation for snide comments

TC and I in the summer of 1999.

I'm coming down with something and have a sore throat, so instead of getting up and living a productive life, I spent this morning reading my journal from 1999. A lot happened that year: I had a mid-studies crisis and decided to take a fall semester off from BYU while I sorted my life out, I continued my Spanish studies, I met TC, we began dating, I went back home to California, we got engaged, we got married, and I returned to Provo.

It was really interesting that in my journal, in the time leading up to when I met TC, I wrote about how I felt certain that a big change was coming in my life. I didn't know what.

Once I met him, I wrote about his great qualities, and all the kind things he did and said to me. 

Once we got engaged, I wrote about how much I loved him, and how humbled I felt that a guy as great as him loved me. 

The things I said about him then hold true today, and I think that's so special. He has only gotten better and better as time has gone on, and he's helped me become better. But the most favorite thing I wrote about him is, 

"I never thought I’d meet a guy who appreciates my snide comments and sarcasm, but I have."

And 11 years later this good man still appreciates my snide comments. 

Here are some closing thoughts on this man of mine.

He makes me so happy, happier than I’ve ever been. He’s so sweet and thoughtful and loving and expressive and funny and attentive and sensitive to the needs of others and kind and good with children and passionate and smart and handsome and I could go on and on. I’m still not really sure why he wants to be with me. I’m so flawed, so insensitive, so unkind. But he loves me and that makes me very happy.


  1. ooooh snide comments, how I love thee :0)

  2. I love the latter picture of you two - so BEAUTIFUL. And I love your snide comments and sarcasm, too. We used to have so much fun with those - during the most appropriate times, too. :-)

  3. what would this world be like without snide comments and sarcasm from you?! TC is a lucky man. :)


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