Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simplicity 2337

Last week I finished Simplicity 2337. 

I ran into a few issues with this dress. Because I raised the neckline by 1 inch, it wreaked havoc on the area where the faux wrap meets the other side of the dress. I adjusted, and readjusted, and readjusted to get the overlapping seam to lay right. I played around with it for hours. Finally, I readjusted the pleats so that the seams met lower (basically almost where it should have if I hadn't raised the neckline). I suppose it's pretty much common sense that raising the neckline would make such a difference in a faux wrap dress, but let that be a word of warning to you.

Also, instead of doing facings on the neck and armscye, I sewed the lining to it, eliminating the need for facings. I hand sewed the armscye lining to the fabric.

So here's the result:

There's still a little bit of weirdness at the neckline, but I don't mind it.

I love the sleeves. I sewed one in with the pleats facing up, and one with the pleats facing down, so the sleeves lay differently. I think if I wanted to rip out one of the sleeves, I would sew them both in with the pleats facing up (opposite of how the pattern suggests). I like the way it hangs better.


  1. What a beautiful dress in a wonderful look amazing in it!

  2. i never would have considered this pattern but your version is really cute! love the pleated sleeves.

  3. Beautiful dress, that color is great on you, I could NEVER pull it off :(

  4. amazing. it makes me ready for spring already! :)

  5. So pretty! I love the sleeves, they are funky yet elegant at the same time. :-)

  6. Beautiful dress! I love the style and that pretty colour is gorgeous - it really suits you.

  7. This is beautiful.
    Thanks to your review I got the courage to sew mine.


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