Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What do I do?

It's been a while since I've just written about what's going on with me. And I miss it. As part of my 101 things I've been keeping a daily log, a summary of each day, and that has sort of taken the place of blogging. I do have a completed sewing project to show you, but it will have to wait. Today I just want to talk.

With my free time:

I've been baking bread, and keeping TC stocked with cookies (I've finally figured out how to prevent rock-hard, dog biscuit-like cookies).

I've been keeping a database tracking grocery prices with the intent that after a year or so of data I will be able to predict when certain goods might go on sale. Is this project a bit overboard? Yes. But I love it. Another part of the same database is keeping track of how long it takes us to use non-food goods, like shampoo, soap, shaving cream, etc. Once we have a good amount of data I will be able to figure out how much we spend per day on just grooming and cleaning. This excites me beyond recognition.

A screenshot of my little database.

I've made several playlists to provide the background music for my days: Toto's Africa, Til Tuesday's Voices Carry, Far East Movement's Like a G6, Astor Piazzolla's Adios Nonino.

I've been sewing, but not as much as I imagined I would.

I've made it nearly a full-time pursuit to research homes, neighborhoods, socio-economic data on surrounding areas, potential commute times for TC, reasonable prices for neighborhoods we are interested in, and the whole real estate process. I've realized how easy it is to be seduced by shiny new neighborhoods that would make for a long commute for the Huz. I've realized how little you get for the money in the neighborhoods I have always wanted to live in. It's an interesting process. On a lighter note, maybe someday I'll share with you a worst of real estate that I've started keeping track of (for example, a home that has a pond in the entry way, and stepping stones leading the way to the rest of the house; or the house decked out entirely in seemingly new royal purple carpet).

Last week TC was sick; he had a man cold of the worst kind. In all seriousness, poor guy was knocked out nearly all week. I've never seen him so miserable, and I've never ever felt so helpless and sad for him. He's better now, besides a lingering cough. I did my best to nurse him back to health, making sure he drank plenty of liquids, giving him his decongestant, and put a cool rag on his forehead when he had a fever.

I've been ironing TC's work shirts. I've been ironing my own clothes. I've been planning, scheming, plotting exciting things that I will share shortly.

That, in a few words, is what I do. I'm enjoying my opportunity to develop my domesticity and to serve my wonderful, loving husband. I enjoyed being able to focus all my attention and nurturing on TC last week. I enjoy baking bread, and the way our home smells when TC comes home. I enjoy taking walks in the middle of the day. I enjoy taking naps whenever I feel like it. And I enjoy being able to focus on making our home lovely and comfortable, clean and organized.

My contentment is a miracle. I tend to be so negative. Don't worry; I am still aware of what I lack. I'm just choosing not to focus on it. And that's leading to happiness. What a miracle! If only I'd known sooner that that is all it takes.


  1. Good for you!

    You really have this "stay at home" thing down. I'll never be that productive.

    Homemade bread? Seriously?
    Amazing woman - simply amazing.

  2. I have missed you. And I'm super impressed by your dedication to tracking grocery prices. I try to do this. And then fail. And then give up. I miss you and your databases :)

  3. I'll just put a link to your eloquent words describing what I do all all day. Except I don't bake. Or sew. Or take walks. Dang it. Naps I have down, though. Seriously, so happy for you. I wish you were closer to get me motivated.

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  5. Sounds absolutely amazing! I'm really happy for you! I hope I can do the same thing on of these days

  6. Oh joy. Contentment is a miraculous (although sometimes illusive) blessing. Good for you!

    And really...

    must you tease about the upcoming reveal of exciting things?

    Can't wait to hear what your planning, scheming, plotting will produce. :)


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