Monday, September 26, 2011

Simplicity 2257: Who's that lady?

Ever since the first time I set eyes on this pattern, I knew I wanted, needed, couldn't live without view D. I have not been able to keep my mind from wandering to that gorgeous skirt. So I've been on the hunt for the perfect fabric.

Then I found it at 

I cut this in a size 12, which if I were to make again, I'd slim down a bit. It fits, but it's just a bit bigger than I would like.

Here's the skirt on. I'm wearing it with McCall's 4922, which I featured in my last post.

This skirt is adorably full. I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe, so it's a welcome colorful change. I feel so lady-like in it. I want to curtsy and twirl and faint whenever I'm under duress. 

I also noticed that most of my clothing is solid. I have no prints, and this fabric was bought in the hopes that I would begin to solve that "problem." The print is kind of islandy. It reminds me of pineapple tops. And the colors are so refreshing.

This skirt was ridiculously easy to make. Except for a small snafu: I decided I wanted to add pockets, so I took a pocket pattern piece from another pattern, and sewed them in. I was even clever enough to sew in an invisible side zipper along with the pockets. But once I tried it on I realized that I was a moron. (As a side note I have that realization at least once a day.) I had sewn the pockets too far down the side seam, so the pockets made me look like I had the worst saddle bags in the history of saddle baggery, and the pockets were only usable when I hunched down to reach them. The whole thing made me laugh. So I ripped out the pockets and continued on without a hitch. Pocketless skirt.

The shoes are some of my favorites, Jessica Simpson Edith. These were the kind of shoes that when I saw them for the first time at the DSW I gasped. Then I tried them on. Then I asked TC eighty-seven times what he thought: where they too expensive, were they worth it, would I wear them, could I really get them? 

He answered me about fifty-three times before he just started to respond with an affirmative grunt. So I got them. 

That was back in February. These shoes have gotten a lot of use and love and care. Unfortunately they are starting to show their loved-ness.


  1. Love your skirt, it turned out brilliant with that fabulous print! Great pumps also!

  2. I would LOVE to see your closet some day. I've seen way too many cute outfits on this blog than I can count. And YOU made them. Holy cow, I am definitely envious of your sewing ability. And your shoe collection is fabulous! If only I liked wearing heals...actually, if only heals liked me :)


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