Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pinterest! It's my friend!

I realize that I'm about the second to last person on the planet to discover the wonder that is Pinterest, but I've discovered it. It's so much easier than having photos and bookmarks and everything spread all over my computer. So organized! I love it.

I found a project thanks to Pinterest that I knew I had to make. Especially since I bought myself 7 new pairs of earrings in Argentina, and my poor jewelry box was already impossible to close.

I have to put a plug in for the Huz. He is such a great help and support. I love that he takes interest in organizing my accessories. In fact, he came up with the system we have to store my purses and my necklaces, which I'll show you in a minute. 

So the Huz and I went to Target to find a frame. We ended up getting two smaller box frames, rather than one big one. TC was smart enough to think ahead that smaller frames would make it easier to find a home for them on the wall. (I can't find the frame online, but it is Room Essentials brand).

Then we went to Home Depot and looked for aluminum sheeting. We found it on an end cap near the building supplies. I asked an employee and she didn't really know where to find "aluminum sheets with decorative cutouts." We took a piece of glass out of the frame for reference for the size we needed the aluminum to be. Jason in tool rental was nice enough to cut two rectangles in the right size for us (however, the sheet is so thin that it might actually have been better to cut it at home with old scissors because Jason's cutters bent the heck out of the sheet). When we got home, I slid the aluminum into the frame and voila! Earring holder.

My accessorizing station.

Cool colors and neutrals.

Warm colors.

Now I can use my earrings as inspiration when I'm getting dressed. I love it.

And on the side of my dresser you can see my necklaces.

TC saw me struggling to keep my necklaces untangled and suggested we get little hooks to attach to my dresser. It was a stroke of genius! I could probably use one more hook since my necklace collection has grown.

In my jewelry box on top of my dresser is where rings, brooches, and other earrings (hoops and studs) are kept. So much easier to keep it neat and organized! Fragrances are kept next to the jewelry box.

Now on to my purse storage. Our apartment is relatively small. And when I say it's small, I mean that it's not large enough to accommodate my clothes, shoes and accessories. A while back TC had the idea to get 3M command strip hooks (we bought ours at Home Depot) to hang my purses from. And he had in mind the perfect place: behind our bedroom door. I can't tell you how grateful I am for his support with this. I would expect some husbands to simply suggest that getting rid of some purses would solve the problem. But TC understands and wanted to help me hold on to all of my beloved handbags. Okay, so I think I've made it clear: I love my husband and think he's grand. I'll stop now.

With the bedroom door open, you can hardly see that all those purses are hiding back there. And since we nearly always keep our door open.

So there you have it! A project I found on Pinterest and some other storage ideas.


  1. I would buy one of those earring holders from you... how much are you offering them for?!

  2. I LOVE your purse storage solution! And since our apartments are almost identical, I know mine should fit there too! Off to find some 3M hooks...


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