Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Self drafted pattern: Yellow knit

When I was a teenager I would play around with self-drafted designs all the time. There were some things that I wore quite often too. But I've lost my courage to draft my own patterns. Well, this is a shirt that I designed. It has pleats at the shoulders, tucks diagonally across the front, and a scoop neck. It's simple, but has a little flair. I got the fabric from fabric.com. It's a super stretchy knit. While this shirt turned out okay, I think I'll stick with patterns for the most part.


  1. I used to self draft more in my teenage years, then lost my confidence also. Perhaps as we learn more of the rules we become afraid to break them? Anyways, looks like you should keep the drafting up, and I'm sure that yellow top will get a lot of wear.


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