Monday, January 14, 2013

Boys rule

Friday was the big day, reveal day! And it turns out that TC/Gordita Jr. is a boy. Pleased, surprised, excited, happy all describe my feelings. I was convinced it was a girl, so it was quite the paradigm shift for me to imagine that a little boy is coming to join our family.

When TC and I first married, I imagined that our first baby would be a miniature of my beloved husband. I mean, really, look at this baby face.

So now that I'm over the surprise that it's not actually a girl, I'm excited, thrilled to think that I will have a little superman running around my house. Good grief I can hardly look at this picture without geeking out.

And this baby's name on the blog shall be: 

Peter La Fleur.

The ultrasound was interesting. I really enjoyed it. Little Peter was really active and twitchy at the start. We were able to determine his gender (well really the technician was because it was unbelievably unapparent to me), and then he folded his legs, settled down and napped.

We didn't get a good look at his face, but his spine was awesome looking. 

At any rate, I'm rambling. Next up, a dress I made that works with the gut. Wee!


  1. Congratulations! What exciting news!

  2. Boys are really so much fun. And if yours looks anything like TC as a kid, you're going to have one adorable wee one. Congratulation!

  3. Yeah for little boys! Congratulations on a healthy baby boy! Really, that is so, so exciting. I want to vote for pictures of you, though!


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