Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Vogue 1102

Way back in December I needed a special dress to celebrate our anniversary. I was inspired by Vogue 1102. Actually it was TC who first saw this pattern and decided I needed it. 

However, after reading reviews, I read that the neckline had some gape issues, and since I would have needed to add sleeves and a back, I figured I'd just use a different pattern for the bodice. Since I had already made Simplicity 2444 (I haven't blogged about the result due to a neckline mishap that still needs to be fixed) and knew what to expect with the bodice, I went ahead and used that pattern for the top, and Vogue 1102 for the full circle skirt. 

Simplicity 2444

The fabric is a polyester shantung from Hancock Fabrics. 

Because of my increased girth, I had to increase the size of the bodice (I had previously cut it in a 12, and needed it to be closer to a 16), but I just eye balled it. Also, I was pressed for time, having waited until the last minute to start on this dress, so I am really really grateful that I didn't hit any snags. The dress was straight forward and fit perfectly. Here's the result.

The awesome thing about this dress, beside the fact that I feel completely beautiful in it, is that the circle skirt provides plenty of room for my baby belly, even as it grows. In fact, I made this dress for our anniversary on December 14, and it still fit last week.

Here's the snag. I did something moronic. This is currently the only dress I have that fits well, so it has been my go-to dress for Sundays. And this last Sunday, I went to iron my sweet dress, forgetting that the iron was on it's super sonic hot setting, and the fabric melted, making a hole in the skirt. Wah wahhhhhhhh!

I was able to quickly scrounge up something to wear for church (thank goodness), but now my beautiful dress is scorched. But I'm sure I can replace that panel of the skirt (it's one of the back panels, so it represents 1/4 of the whole circle) with a new, non-scorched one. I just need to make a trip to Hancock, do some seam ripping, sewing and voila!  

I would have liked to get better pictures, which is why I didn't blog this dress earlier, but it will have to wait until I get that skirt fixed.

The dress scorching is a result of one of the symptoms I am currently experiencing: pronounced stupidity. I'm not as smart as I used to be. I'll tell you more some other time, if I can figure out how to type.


  1. A hole?!?!? That's super brutal I'm so sorry. It's true, stupidity was a serious pregnancy symptom for me.

  2. Pretty dress, but sorry to hear that it has a scorch in the skirt panel. It sounds like you have a plan to fix.

  3. i get dumber, and more forgetful, with each pregnancy... it's just a fact. welcome to the club. i'm so excited for you guys!

  4. Gorgeous dress! Congrats on the baby, btw...very happy for you guys! And yes, pregnancy totally equals forgetfulness. Which is unfortunate because it really seems like a time when you need your wits about you (protecting an innocent life and all that...).


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