Thursday, May 1, 2014

11 months!

This little goofball is 11 months old. This is what he's up to.

Happy, Pharrell Williams

Reading [1]
Ice cream
Spoons [2]
Flowers [3]

[1] An avid reader, BB prefers to spend his time in intellectual pursuits...

[1] Reading books that answer existential questions, like "Where IS baby's belly button?" Where, indeed.

[2] Spooning

[2] More spoons

[3] The only thing he will be "soft" with are flowers. Mom's cheeks, Dad's face, Mom's hair, Dad's eyes... Those do not require softness. But flowers on the other hand... 

[3] Flowers!

The blender, vacuum, drills, saws, hammers, hair dryers, anything loud

Our construction site [4]
Being told "No" or anything in a firm voice
Sprouts Farmer's Market (despite the balloon) [5]
Having his hair towel dried [6]
Mom taking a shower (it's a hard knock life for this boy)

[4] The hope is that he will enjoy the house once it's complete. For now, it's pretty much torture to be there.

[5] It's unclear why Sprouts Farmer's Market is the bane of his existence. Is it that he's surrounded by "natural" foods? Is it the ridiculous prices on all things not produce? We may never know.

[6] And don't use a blow dryer either.

New skills:
Rolling over (This one is more new-found than new. Learned how to roll over around 5 months, decided he didn't like it, and refused to do it. Now he's discovered it again and is all about it.) [7]

Drinking his bottle vertically [8]
Growling while happy. [9] Growling while angry.
Cheesy smile [10]
Pointing at lights

[7] Rolling rolling rolling...

[7], [8] This combines two new skills: rolling over and drinking vertically.  

[8] If you suck out all the air, you can drink in any position you want. Convenient when you're on the go like this baby.

[9] So happy to figure out growling.

[10] Excuse the toast on his face (see "Likes"). 

Expert Skills:

Getting really, really angry. The 2% of the time that he's not happy, he's raging mad. Red faced, yelling, grunting, growling kicking, pounding of fists... 30 inches of epic fury. [11]
Shoe removal [12]
Going to sleep! [13]
Lounging [14]

[11] This is BB 98% of the time...

[11] Happy even when tired...

[11] Happy even when in the dreaded carseat.

[12] It's an art, nay a craft. Now you see a shoe on his foot, now you don't. Sometimes he uses his hands for removal, sometimes he uses nothing but his feet. And sometimes, on the rare occasion, he removes a shoe with nothing but the foot it's on.

[13] Asleep in the carseat, asleep at church, asleep in the stroller, asleep in his bed. This Beast figured out how to sleep, and figured out that sleeping is awesome. His mother was beginning to wonder if he was really her child. Now, with his love of sleep confirmed, she is certain he belongs to her.

[14] Lounging on the couch...

[14] Lounging with Dad...

[14] Lounging in a restaurant...

[14] Lounging on the floor... Also with his newfound love of lounging, his mother is even more certain they share DNA.


The way different materials feel against his teeth
Teething gel
Finger painting with yogurt all over the table, chair, wall...

Favorite Toys:
Easy button [15]
Anything he can bite [16]

[15] Click. That was easy.

[16] Biting's my favorite.

New sounds: 
Bbl bbl bbl
Lalul lalul

Ride on a swing [17]
Taste of gelato [18]

[17] Wee!

[17] Still fun a few days later.

[18] Lemon gelato with Dad.

Best friends:
Dad [19]

Mom [20]
William [21]
Clara [22]

[19] Dad had to travel for work without Beast Boy, and it was sad indeed. The only saving grace for this little boy was FaceTime. Being able to hear and see Dad, and babble to him was the highlight of each day.

[20] Sometimes Mom loves too much.

[21] Sometimes, Beast Boy may love too much. Hereditary?

[21], [22] Baby buddies William and Clara

Weight: 22 lbs
Height: 30 inches
Teeth: 8


  1. I love these posts from you! So cute!

  2. I love this, I want to request that you and Ivan strongly emphasize the word HUZAH! So that BB will learn that as his first word.


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