Thursday, May 8, 2014

I still sew sometimes! Vintage Simplicity 6063

Way back in November 2010, back when I used to blog, I found a bunch of great vintage patterns at a thrift store (Deseret Industries). When I saw this pattern, Simplicity 6063 from 1965, I knew I needed it, even if I had no idea if I'd ever even have a little boy of my own. I'm glad I invested that whole dollar, because this pattern is the shiz!

I just fell in love with the overall shorts.

Well fast forward three plus years to now. I wanted my Beast Boy to have something special to wear for Easter, plus he has outgrown all of his church clothes, so he needed something new anyway. I imagined little overall shorts in blue and white seersucker, with a white button down shirt. And then I remembered that I had this pattern.

It sewed up really easily. Because the seersucker is kind of thin, I lined it all with white cotton. That actually eliminated the need for facings, which made the whole thing come together a lot easier. The pattern called for a zipper on the overalls, which I skipped. I knew these would be roomy on the kid, so I figured he'd get in and out without a zipper just fine.

I used white cotton for the shirt, and made the short sleeved version. I didn't use any interfacing on the shirt. I figured it's supposed to be soft and pliable for a baby to be comfortable in, so I skipped it. I absolutely love the cuffed sleeves!

The pattern is a size 2 for toddlers, and my boy is 11 months, but two things to note: 1. Beast Boy is giant. 2. The overalls are still a bit big on him. The shirt however is a bit short (like wouldn't be suitable to wear with pants because the bottom of his belly would show).

This is the best photo I have of the overalls. A bit long, but roomy enough to be comfortable, and he will be able to wear them for a few months. And you gotta love his socks that have fallen down around his chubby ankles. Sigh.

 To complete the outfit, I found these shoes at Payless ($7), white dress socks at Kohls ($1.80), and a newsboy cap on super clearance at Gap (less than $3). So all in all, the outfit cost around $15.


  1. Adorable! His hat is fantastic :)

    Burda has a pattern in case you want to recreate it!

  2. It's official I want grandkids to sew for. Cute outfit for the cutish munchkin on the planet.


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