Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gardenia, Oh How I Love Thee

So as I mentioned one lone bud on my gardenia plant opened. And in a cruel twist of irony, Ms. EntirelyTooSensitiveNostrils was congested and couldn't enjoy the perfume of the flower. But just look how beautiful it was:

My congestion is clearing up, and slowly I'm regaining my ability to taste and smell. And just as I regain my super power, Flower Numero Uno is dying.


But Flower Numero Dos is on it's way.

Gracias Plantita Adorada. Your flowers bring happiness to my soul. And thinking how hard you would laugh if you could hear me talk to you makes me giggle. And thinking about how crazy I am to imagine such things worries me a little bit. And then I chuckle at how absurd the whole thing is. Chuckle nervously.


  1. I smile at your ode to the Gardenia. I am glad your superpowers have returned to you. no pizza will be safe from your discerning olfactory senses.

  2. The Gardenia, like all living things, is just happy for the attention and regular hydration.


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