Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TC in an elevator it up while he's going down. Or up.

Elevators are awkward. I'm awkward. Combine the two and you have super sonic awkwardness. My M.O. in elevators is to find a corner and stand in it, then stare intently at the wall, buttons, the floor number indicator, read any piece of literature on the wall, check my phone, or do anything but look at my elevator mate. That's me: awkward.

TC lives it up. Elevators don't intimidate him. He's not awkward like me. He gets in an elevator and it's like he's arrived at a party where he is the guest of honor. He greets everyone, strikes up a conversation (like the riveting one from the other day about Murphy's Law), makes a joke, finds common ground with the stranger in the elevator... By the time our ride is over, whoever was in the elevator is smiling. They walk in looking like their world is about to end, weary from a long day, exhausted and wanting nothing more than to arrive at their floor and lose themselves in uninterrupted isolation (kind of like how I feel when I enter an elevator). But TC has a way with people that I can only hope to imitate cheaply. Regardless of how exhausted a person is, if they step into an elevator with TC, they WILL end up with a smile on their face. It's a proven scientific fact.

And when I'm in an elevator with TC I end up with a smile on my face too. It's a gift of his.


  1. Well I hope that someday I end up in an elevator with him! I'm awkward like you in elevators. You two have pretty awesome talents, I must say - TC ever so interesting and striking in elevators and you being able to smell any pizza and say where it's from and what kind. Makes me feel a little talentless...

  2. I usually take the stairs... especially in case of fire. Its good for your heart and the environment.

    BUT - the guy I got stuck in an elevator once was super lame... wish it had been TC.

  3. I check my e-mail and my phone. Unless I'm on P2. Then I pretend to check my e-mail on my phone.


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