Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion Forward Friday

This is what Gordita looked like at age 10, circa 1989. Note the red and black two-tone outfit, complete with grey denim "No Excuses" brand purse, black sunglasses, black Swatch watch, black cut-off shorts, and black shoes. On the red side, we have an oversized red t-shirt, red socks (scrunched), and red baseball cap, sideswept.

Also, please note the spiral perm that I was much too young as a 10 year old to take care of hence the extreme frizziness.

I'm enjoying how deliberately this outfit was put together. I think I had some help from my older sister KL, aka Hula Hoop. I'm sure she snapped the photo and told me how to pose. And wouldn't you know, I still love black and red together.

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  1. You were/are a smart girl. Black and red are smashing together. And you are smashing too. Still loving that red dress by the way.

  2. You can't get classier than black and red. By the way, I love that you are not afraid to post old pictures of yourself.


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