Friday, May 14, 2010


I believe that I have revealed several times in the past my chronic laziness. It's a problem, a disease, an incurable disorder that I fight against every day. Some people have acne, others have dry scalp, I have chronic laziness.

But this week I made excellent progress in overcoming my disease. I actually worked out, formally, on the elliptical, four times so far, and I have every intention of working out today as well. (Normally I would spend the morning trying to come up with excuses for why I can't/shouldn't/better not/don't feel well enough to exercise. Pathetic, I know.) This is crazy excellent for me. Also, I got out of bed at a normal, decent time, and got to work, not only before 10am, but before 8:30am every day this week. And, AND I've been productive and useful around the house, making TC's lunch every day, preparing dinner, cleaning up after myself, putting my shoes away instead of letting them pile up in front of the door, all that stuff. It's like I'm a new person! I've been reborn into a slightly less lazy body!

Me in my best exercise gear, circa 1983.

I know. It's like I've become a new person, so new that you don't even recognize me. Don't worry though. I'm still the same person. Despite my newfound non-laziness, I will still be able to relate to all you common people. I'm still grounded.

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  1. What's caused all the change? I'm sure my hubby would love to know as he wishes I would do the same. :)


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