Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I've been isolated in my office all day, doing the devil's work (or something like it). I ventured into the restroom for a quick break and passed by a mirror. First thing I noticed was my gross ponytail and dark under eye circles (darn you fluorescent lighting). The second thing I noticed was that my cami had slipped down, and my cardigan was saucily unbuttoned revealing more skin that I am typically comfortable with. (I say typically because sometimes, in the right circumstance, say in night clubs and other party destinations, I might feel okay with showing that much skin.) (But really, this whole thing about nightclubs is a fabrication. How do I have time for frivolities like party destinations when I'm busy at home sewing, and laying on the couch watching TV, and whining about not wanting to work out, and then finding the most ridiculous excuses for not working out and then justifying my laziness with statements like, "Today was just a bad day. Tomorrow will be better." "But I am soooooo tired. I've never beeeeeeeen so tired in my whooooooole life," and the ever popular high-pitched whine "I don't want to work out. I HATE exercising. It's never done me any good and I hate it. WHY??????? WHY do I need to exercise.". I'm obviously very busy.)

No wonder no one would look me in the eye. Heh heh.

Just kidding. I have had minimal human interaction today. And I've gotten out of my chair precisely three times in the last six hours: two bathroom breaks, and one time to get my lunch.

Speaking of saucy*, I finished two sewing projects over the weekend, which I will promptly photograph and post. I still haven't ventured to the fabric store for supplies for my Oscar de la Renta suit because redecorating and reorganizing has taken over my life. Kind of. That and chronic laziness (see above) has struck me with its full fury. I'd tell you more about it, but I'm feeling lazy. And tired. And maybe a bit starved for human interaction.

Tonight on the menu is Tucanos. I'm especially excited because I truly enjoy overeating. And at a place like Tucanos, where it's all you "care" to eat (I prefer the word "can," because it sounds more like a challenge) meat, I feel that overeating is essential to having the full experience. And let's face it, who doesn't love meat? (besides vegetarians, vegans, and the meat-intolerant)

*Segue that actually has no relevance.


  1. I've seen you today. You look lovely, as always! I'm sad I missed the saucy cardigan event :)

  2. Sorry I wasn't there to help with the busy-ness. Or at least sad I didn't get to see your saucy cardigan.


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