Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Defenestrate sent me that word this morning. I haven't defenestrated anything in a long while. I'm due. And I believe you are too.

TC and I have been busy with our redecoration/reorganization/rearrang-ination project. Our living room is kind of almost how we planned, so that's exciting. It's exhausting to move furniture around. It almost makes you want to self-defenestrate.

We were yay close to packing everything up and moving across the country last week (part of the wonderful things happening). Plans changed, we're staying in SLC (also part of the wonderful things happening), but the prospect of packing up all of our things (I wanted to use a more crass word, like crap, but I won't because I'm trying not to use crass words like crap in my daily vocabulary. Crap. Oh crap! I said it.) scared us straight. So we decided to purge and reorganize and reevaluate everything we have because, well, we have too much, and many things we don't need (like receipts from 2004, and adapters for electronics we no longer have, and the like). We have started a DI/garage sale pile, we threw out a large garbage bag full of *things* and have reorganized the things we are keeping.

As for the DI/garage sale pile, I'm voting garage sale because I think having a garage sale might be fun, but seeing as how we are sans garage, it might be kind of difficult. Maybe I'll borrow a garage from a family member... (How many times can a person use the word garage in two sentences? Apparently, five is my upper limit.)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was indeed a great day. TC got me a Wonder Woman t-shirt, which I wore yesterday and felt like Wonder Woman which was helpful as we did heavy lifting and heavy sorting, and heavy breathing (keep your minds out of the gutter peeps). The only thing I was missing was the dual bracelet action.


  1. I thought you might have a location change coming up, but is it totally selfish to say that I'm glad you don't?

    If you have a garage sale let us know. I'd offer our driveway for it, but no one will be able to find it then. And we lost our garage privileges.

  2. You are more than welcome to use our garage/driveway! Glad to hear you are staying too. Phew, that was a close one. xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness, I leave the blogging world for about a week and what happens... Gordita is threatening moving across country??!!??! Okay, not like I have come over in FOREVER to sit on your lovely red couch but the thought of that not being in the Brigham made me kinda sad for a moment... crazy, I know... but please, please, please share with the www. world out here what ALMOST happened?? (and happy late birthday)

  4. yes, do share what almost happened!!! we want to know.


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