Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doo doo doo DOOO!!!

Hello. And welcome to Thursday. It's the day before Friday. And I love Fridays. So naturally, I have fond feelings for Thursdays as well.

What's for dinner, you ask? Well, certainly not the ricotta, ground beef and random vegetable goulash we had last night. Tonight, we're having... wait for it... chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. Does it get any more comfort foody than that? I think not.

You know what I did? I overdid it with my exercises. TC and I decided to step it up to Phase 3-4 in our Power 90 workout with Tony Horton, so on Monday we did the weights routine. It's not much more than we did before in Phase 1-2; we just add a whole lot of squats. A LOT! And some more push-ups. And for some reason I decided that I had graduated from girly push-ups (on my knees), to full blown push-ups. What was I thinking?

Then, the next morning before I could really feel the full extent of my overdoing, we did a Pilates buns & thighs routine (with Mari Winsor). By about mid-afternoon I realized that I no longer had any normal movement of my thighs. I walked around all of Tuesday and the bulk of yesterday like a Zombie, or a Weeble Wobble, or a Weebly Wobbly Zombie. And the grunting. Let's not forget the grunting and complaining at every movement. I'm such a baby. So we haven't done our Tony routines since Monday, but we have managed to fit in some Pilates, so at least we did something, right?

You may be wondering how TC handled the new workout. Well, he was mildly sore.

Yes. That's really all I have to say about how he handled the new work out. **sigh**

Today, ignoring the muscle spasms in my thigh, I think I'm ready to do the Phase 3-4 Cardio workout. I'm going to sweat like a pig. And pant like a dog. And smell like a goat. And afterward, eat like a horse, if horses ate chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes.

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