Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sad day for my shoe collection

I have decided, after much consideration, that I need to limit my use of my pretty shoes. I have started to have chronic foot pain and chronic foot ugliness. I suspected this day would come, I just hoped it wouldn't come for a long time.

I have wide feet, and I often shove them into narrow, but adorable, shoes. This is not good for your feet. Weird right? I mean, who would have guessed? And now I've got a bump on my foot below big toe (often called a bunion, gross). And my pinky toe is deformed (hopefully not permanently). So, I've decided that the health of my feet mean more to me than my vanity, plus I really like having cute feet for summer when I wear cute sandals and cute flip flops. I will not wear adorable shoes all day at work anymore. I will wear my flats that have plenty of room in the toe box. And I will limit my cute shoe use to a few hours at a time, like perhaps church, and going out with the Huz.

Mourn for me my friends. I'm mourning.


  1. Very sad. I did love seeing your cute shoes each day!

  2. I am sad for you. I too decided to give up a very cute and highly impractical pair of shoes this weekend. Ugh. The joys of being in our 30s

  3. sad... but I venture to guess that you will just find a bunch of enviable flats we can all be jealous of :)

  4. I know that this is an unpopular view, but I believe strongly that, just as there are lots of cute modest clothes out there if you look, there are lots of shoes out there that are adorable/sophisticated/fun/whatyoulike that do not cripple or deform you or cause any sort of permanent damage or pain to you at all.

    And you definitely want to avoid bunions. Mike's dad has a terrible one and I won't gross you out with the details, but he has a hard time walking now. And my mom has had multiple surgeries for bunions because apparently bunion surgery is something that really often gets messed up the first time and requires more surgery to fix it.


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