Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's next?

I cut out the Oscar suit (Vogue 2950) and was able to finish off the skirt this weekend. The pattern calls for Hong Kong finishing on all the seams (sewing bias tape on every raw edge), which I had never done. The finished product is quite stunning and I love the look of those finished seams. It's a lot more elegant than serged seams. One issue: I cut it out in a 12 and it was a size plus a bit too bit, so I cut it down to a 10 and then sewed the seams a little bit bigger than the seam allowance. Unfortunately I also cut the jacket out in a 12. So I will likely go back and re-cut all the pieces in a 10. The jacket also calls for a Hong Kong finish, so I'm excited to stretch my skills and give it a try.

Next up this month are the following:
1. Finish the ruffle dress (Simplicity 2497).

2. Make two tops.
  • New Look 6732, view E: the cute little white polka dot one with a Peter Pan collar and puff sleeves. I think I will put different sleeves on it since the collar is already pretty cutesy. I'm going to make it in a stretch poplin floral in white, blue and yellow. I'm really looking forward to this project.
  • New Look 6808, view C: the pink one with a bow on the collar. I may leave the bow off the collar, however, because I realize that so many pieces in my closet are cutesy. There's only so much cutesy I can take. I'm going to make this in an ivory stretch cotton poplin.
3. Finish the shorts I cut out several years ago (McCalls 5391). They will be in a stretch denim.

4. Play with a Lucky jeans remix that is probably not worth the time. I bought a pair of Lucky brand jeans from the DI forever ago. When I got them home I realized that they were entirely mom jean style. And bigger than the size on their tag would indicate. So I decided that I would pull the fabric apart and see if I can re-purpose it. I'm hoping to make a pair of capris.

Also, I wanted to thank you readers for the support in my projects. It's great positive reinforcement to keep me going. Plus, mentioning projects here keeps me motivated to finish them. You guys are so much cheaper than therapy, or shock treatments.

So that's what I have on the docket. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy planning ahead?

Update: I wrote this yesterday (Monday) in the throes of boredom. Last night I cut out the two tops in number 2 above. I did cut out the bow on the second shirt, and on the first, I decided to go with the puff sleeves, but I shortened them a bit.

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  1. Crazy Beautiful. I might need to hire you to make me something. Or Lots of things.


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