Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, here's the scoop. Remember a while back when TC became the family doctor? Well since then he's been doing a post-doc at the U. This has been a great blessing because he's been able to continue his research, and gain valuable experience.

But it became time to look for a permanent position. So we've been applying to jobs all around the country for months. After months and months of nothing, it all came to a head a few weeks ago. TC was offered a job in DC Metro, and a job in Salt Lake City all within the same week. It was somewhat of an agonizing decision to make: the DC job would offer great benefits, a chance to get to know a new place, being within driving distance to so many wonderful places, a job that would take great pains to make sure that TC was challenged and interested in his work even though it would be behind a desk, the opportunity for TC to watch the military blow stuff up. The SLC job would offer TC a chance to work in a lab doing research (which he enjoys and does well at), a chance to stay in a place we love, the opportunity to continue what he's been working on at the U because of our continued proximity, and possibly the opportunity to blow stuff up himself.

We have felt so blessed to even have a choice. We prayed and fasted and prayed some more, and weighed out the options, and looked at the best and worst of each option, and then finally made a decision: we were going to DC. We started the balls rolling toward moving, notified those on the "need to know" list (like my work), and moved forward. It all moved so quickly until we were stopped.

Abruptly we were stopped in our tracks. It was clear that we had made the wrong decision for us. We had prayed that we would know the right decision to make. Once we made our decision to take the DC job we switched our prayers to asking that if we had made the wrong decision we would know.

And we knew.

So we backtracked and un-notified people, and got the ball rolling for us to stay. And it feels overwhelmingly right. We know that taking the SLC job is the right decision. And that is a wonderful feeling: knowing that we are where we ought to be according to what Heavenly Father has in mind for us.

TC starts his new job in a few weeks and we are just pleased and excited and happy and grateful and blessed.

So that's the wonderful thing that has been happening. It's been stressful, and we've had sleepless nights, but in the end we recognize that this is a wonderful thing to be stressed about.


  1. So happy everything worked out. And it's so nice you have that feeling of knowing you made the right decision for you!

    Congrats to Ivan on the new job!

  2. Congratulations! I'm so glad that you'll still be close! I would have hated to lose you!

  3. Don't you love when things end up falling into place and you know it's the right thing? Glad he got a good job! And happy birthday, by the way. I got a wonder woman t-shirt for Valentine's Day - awesome. And I love getting rid of things and purging!

  4. Selfishly, I was excited you were coming to DC BUT I am so glad you guys feel good about your decision and congrats to TC on the new job.

  5. That is an amazing explanation and story! Congrats on the new job...


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