Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My profound thoughts

  • The charger to my laptop is broken. I don't know how or why, it just doesn't work. I'm kind of weirded out about it. 

  • I couldn't sleep last night. But this morning I had no problem sleeping in. Poor TC got up all by himself.

  • I ordered an obscene amount of fabric yesterday. I have several awesome projects coming up, and I decided to get all of the fabric at once. Yeah, I'm a bit nuts.

  • Since I have a big box of fabric coming, and I have boxes of fabric strewn around the house (i.e. stacked neatly in the guest/sewing room and down in storage) I need to work on the fabric I have. Today I will be cutting fabric for planned projects like a mad woman.

  • I have yet to find a good use for leftover fabric from finished projects. Often I have just enough to do *something* (1/2 yard) so I hold on to it. But I never know what the something I can or should do is. Also, this tells me that I overestimate how much fabric I need when planning for projects. I've thought about making matching headbands, but that's not really me. I don't wear headbands and I probably wouldn't want matching ones. *sigh* See my conundrum?

  • Also, sadly, it's finally time to switch out my summer clothes for my winter. Out with the cold, and in with the wool, I always say. Or just said for the first time. The plus side is that it feels like shopping, but no money is exchanged. I just get to pick out sweaters that I haven't seen in months, making them feel like new. Sometimes I even have to say, "Oh yeah! I forgot about this sweater that I love so much." Fun stuff.

  • Last night when I couldn't sleep I tried to remember what I would find when I pulled out my winter clothes. It was a fun challenge, and even more fun to remember the warm fuzzy clothes I will find.

  • I bought a new steam mop last week. It's a Shark and I got it from Costco. My old mop was a Conair that I bought from amazon.com two years ago. It was pretty awesome despite the bad reviews it got, and lasted me for two whole years. In the end, I broke it because I left it on without any water. I burned out the heater. Sad. The new mop was significantly more expensive, but also cleans significantly better. I'm back to being excited about mopping the floors again.

  • I have a book on hold at the library that I need to pick up: Personal Finance for Dummies. I happen to be a dummy that needs help with personal finance. Investments, IRAs, 401Ks make no sense to me. It's time to be a grown-up and learn.

  • As is typical of me, I finished several sewing projects (a skirt, a dress, that suit) but I haven't taken photos. Do you know what my problem is? Finding the perfect spot to take photos. If I take self-portraits I have to account for room for a tripod and what the camera is going to try to focus on when I am setting up the self timer (no remote for me). This is why pictures in front of the window don't work for me. I'll just keep experimenting until I find the right spot.

  • I overuse the word projects. I think I used it like 100 times in this post.

  • Today is going to be a fantastic day. I just know it. Have a good one friends! And thanks for reading.


  1. I like to think I'll piece together quilts with my random stash of leftover fabric... which means I need to start finishing some projects so I actually have a stash of leftover fabric.


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