Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spooky Halloween Outfit

Yesterday was a sewing day for me. Dedicating myself to sewing resulted in two finished items: an orange skirt and a black and white polka dot top.

The skirt: Vogue 2950. You might remember this skirt from here (it's the skirt from my Oscar de la Renta suit). I loved the fit so much that I decided to make another one in this bright orange cotton sateen I bought last year. This fabric is a prime example of my weakness for discount fabrics; it was on sale for $1.95/yard and I couldn't resist. I figured that the color couldn't be THAT bright. It really was THAT bright. But I ended up finding a use, thanks to inspiration (or copying directly, depending on your outlook) from Gertie. And just like Gertie, I added a bow at the waistline.

The top: Simplicity 2633. I mentioned in my last post that I had this top planned. There are some slight fit issues in the shoulders (notice the rippling). Other than that I like how this turned out.

On the subject of copying, I was indeed inspired by Gertie back in March when she posted her skirt. And I had that orange skirt turning and churning in my mind since then. But I have to admit that I was disappointed when I located her version of the skirt just to find that she too had paired it with a white and black polka dot v-neck top. I must have remembered that somewhere in my subconsciousness, which led me to think that I was having an entirely original idea in putting this fabric done up in this particular pattern together with this skirt. 

At any rate, imitation is the best form of flattery right? And I do so admire Gertie and her mad sewing skills and super style. 

P.S. TC was my photographer for these photos, which explains why they are so wonderful!

P.P.S. Shoes are Jessica Simpson Michaela.


  1. I love it all!! The bow on the skirt is pefect. You are amazing!

  2. Orange is my favorite color. So, naturally, I think this outfit is smashing.

  3. I love it. The orange skirt is beautiful. Very chic!

  4. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! I love the way it looks. You are seriously soooo talented. Wish I had the time to sew. I had to have a girlfriend help me hem my pants a couple of days ago.
    You look fabulous Gordita!

  5. You know you are way too beautiful, right? And the outfit? Darling, darling, darling. I thought I looked cute today, until I jumped on the computer and saw YOUR cuteness!

  6. Love the outfit. I haven't seen Gertie's so this is a new look to me. Both the blouse and skirt are a perfect design match. Thanks for visiting my blog too and leaving your thoughts. I will look forward to following yours as well. Have great day!

  7. I love your new orange skirt - it looks fabulous on you! The bow is very chic, and it looks great with your new top too - great outfit!

  8. I love that Oscar de la Renta suit, it's been in my wish list in BMV forever. Great Emma P. outfit!


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