Saturday, November 6, 2010

The new man in my life and more newness

I've been absent for a while. So here's a rundown of what's going on.

  • TC and I dressed up for Halloween for the first time in our entire 10 year tenure as a married couple. TC was an Argentine soccer player, and I was Harley Quinn in her outfit from the Arkham Asylum game. Specific, no?
  • We bought a big bag of Halloween candy from Costco and did not end up giving any away. I may have had to set a 10 pieces per day limit for myself. I may or may not have been able to stick to that limit. And in the end, I may have asked TC to take the candy to work.
  • TC's mom is visiting TC's sister an hour away from here, but she stopped by our place for a while on Sunday. It was great seeing her and talking to her. And also, she brought me new shoes from Argentina. They are adorable and deserve their own post.
  • TC bought me new shoes as well. They are spectacular and also deserve their own post.
  • The weather is unseasonably warm, and I'm happy about that.
  • The Utes lost today against TCU, and I'm sad about that.
  • I haven't sewn in weeks, and I'm beginning to experience symptoms of withdrawal.
  • I misspelled two words in that last sentence and had to look them up. I worry that my spelling skills are going down the tubes.
  • There is a new man in my life, and TC's life. Well, he's not new, but we have gotten serious about him recently. It's Tony Horton. We started P90X this week, and it's kicking our butts in the best, and most painful, way. We were bored with our old Power 90 routine, and that was preventing us from getting serious about it again (we kept flitting between doing it and not doing it). So, we decided to kick it up a notch and do P90X, extreme! Making all this even more extreme is that due to TC's schedule we have found that 5am is the only time that we have time to exercise. 5am is extreme people. 
  • I mentioned two projects that I was working on in anticipation of my 13 lb fabric box arriving. I have decided to ditch the skirt until I get a smaller waist (or for the rest of my days, whichever comes first) and the shirt I haven't worked on, although I have cut it out. (Update: umm, I'm kind of thick-headed. I actually did finish the shirt. I already showed it to you in my Spooky Halloween Outfit post. Where is my head?)
  • My 13 lb box of fabric arrived and I am tickled to start working on the many items of clothing I have ahead of me. It's just exciting.
  • I dropped by Deseret Industries (a thrift store) a few weeks back and hit their pattern section. I bought 10 awesome vintage patterns, including one pants pattern for TC. It's in his size and everything. The patterns deserve their own post.
  • Remember I entered my dress design in the Shabby Apple Dare to Design contest? I wasn't chosen as a finalist, but check out the dress designs that were chosen. I LOVE numbers 2, 7, and 14. Adorable! (Another update: Umm, I forgot to include a link so you can check out the finalists. Here it is.)
  • I have been struggling with the whole "How do you spend your time now that you aren't working?" thing. Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not working and that I have free time. And sometimes other people's comments elicit those guilty feelings. I'm pretty susceptible to guilt though, so you can hardly blame other people. But just a hint: asking the question "What DO you DO. ALL. DAY??" isn't really all that polite, especially when said in a very incredulous tone of voice and followed with, "Don't you get bored?" and "How do I get THAT gig?" I wrote a very embittered blog post about this very subject last week, but thought better of posting. It's sitting in my posts list as a draft. I will likely never post it because it's pretty dang bitter and goes on and on and on, and really does nothing more than show how defensive I am. Defensiveness usually indicates guilt. But I've already admitted that I feel guilty so... At any rate, be polite to others.
  • I found the best BEST pizza crust recipe. It's so fluffy and delicious and wonderful. That also deserves its own post.
  • And I made cinnamon rolls from this recipe and they turned out fan-frigging-tastic. I highly recommend them. I even made a change to the recipe and they still turned out (I made a butter cream frosting instead of cream cheese frosting). Yumness to the maximum.
I think that's all I've got for now. I'll see if I can work on those items that deserve their own posts.

Rest assured that I've been keeping up to date with all of you my friends and I'm glad you're doing well.


  1. I am anxiously awaiting posts about the shoes and the pizza crust :) I agree that you need to take a break from sewing every once in a while.

  2. One of the FAQs I get now, since I only work part time, is "Oh, are you looking for something full time?" And, when I say no, they always look at me, expecting me to explain why because they need some sort of reason why I would be slacking off. I hate it.

  3. Yeah, people are weird about staying home. My mom seems particularly resntful of my not working full-time, which is odd because she hates her job most of the time. I guess her misery desires company? I will always appreciate a friend, Jenny, who was actually honest with me. I told her about something I had done during the day and she looked really sad for a minute and then told me that she was really jealous that I got to stay home so much.

    Since it isn't really anyone's business, I say you tell people that you work at home. If they ask what you do tell them you're a seamstress, or a blogger.

  4. I'm pretty excited about the prospect of so many great posts.


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