Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Remember I mentioned some fantastic shoes that TC bought for me? Well, here they are, in all of their majesty.

Okay, so I kind of tricked you. Here is the box. Even the box is beautiful. Oh so. Here's the story:

Several weeks back TC and I ventured to a real-life mall, the indoor kind with department stores and Claire's and a food court. The closest mall to us is not like that, and we tend to only venture within a 5 mile radius of our house, so going to a "real" mall is different, and rare.

With that in mind, we went to a mall with a specific purpose and ended up wandering around, and eventually wandering to a Macy's. Naturally I gravitated to the shoes. And one of the first pairs I saw were these:

Vince Camuto Misty's Heels. They took my breath away, literally, for a moment, when I gasped audibly.  The Huz didn't gasp, but he was equally impressed. I took a photo with my phone so I could remember them always.

We walked around and looked at other shoes, but I found myself back at the Vince display at least three times. In the end I walked out of the store empty handed because of the whole "I don't need new shoes," and "Aren't we saving money for things other than my shoe collection," and "I am completely out of room in my closet," thing.

Fast forward to a week later when I decided to research the shoes and found that they are impossible to find anywhere. Naturally I panicked. Naturally. And naturally I talked nonstop about the shoes for several days, mentioning at least a couple of times that the shoes had basically disappeared from off the face of the planet, until TC suggested that we go get them.

I held off. For a day, until I was out and about and saw a lovely and fashionable woman wearing these very shoes. I did a double take and probably looked like a creepy stalker woman staring at her for so long as I walked by her.

So then the incessant talking about the shoes began again. And again the Huz suggested buying the shoes. So we drove out to the mall, outside of our 5 mile radius, and guess what? They only had two pairs left, and one was in my size. It was fate, meant to be, an aligning of the cosmos... or coincidence.

At any rate, I took it as a message from said cosmos that I needed to buy them immediately. And I did. Or rather TC did.

Look at the rosettes. And let me tell you that the leather is buttery soft and smells fantastic.

I am obsessed with these shoes. I love them more than I've ever loved a shoe. So thanks for letting me share them. In the meantime I take these out of the box every day just to admire them and smell them, and try to invent reasons to wear my fancy new shoes.


  1. Oh my!! Those shoes are gorgeous beyond words! Make sure you take some photos when you wear them for us to see them "in action".

  2. As one who got to see those shoes up close and in person, I must agree, they are magnificent. Beautiful, gorgeous! I'm so jealous but so happy at the same time that the cosmos were smiling down upon you. xo

  3. The following is written in complete sincerity:
    I refuse to believe that a pair of shoes that makes one SO happy can be anything but fate. Destiny. And when only two pairs exist and one is your size, there is your confirmation.
    Good for you for holding off for so long. That kind of restraint is admirable.
    And that is my testimony of your new shoes.

  4. You should be obsessed with those shoes. They are wonderful.

  5. They are, well, beautiful. Definitely fate. And I can smell them from here - yummy!

  6. They are BEAUTIFUL!

    But honestly = how in the world do you wear such high heels!??!

    You are super woman!

  7. Those are absolutely beautiful! If I was more coordinated walking in heels I would totally buy them.


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