Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have yet another pair of shoes to share with you. TC's dear mother bought these for me in the mother land, and brought them all the way here just for me. I can't thank her enough.

They are Topper Durbans.

Most of my dear readers have probably never heard of Topper. Topper is a company founded in Argentina that sells all sorts of sports clothing and shoes.

You may notice the the shoes already have signs of wear. That's because no sooner did I receive these shoes was I wearing them all over the place. I'm not usually much of a sneaker person; I typically never wear sneakers outside of exercise and perhaps long walks. But these. These really won me over.

I love the pink on pink. I love the soles. I love everything about these shoes.

I adore the details. Already these shoes are worn and loved.

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  1. It's because they're from another country. That's what makes them so awesome. Like the Camper shoes I got on our trip to Spain. I love them so much!


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