Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I had an encounter...

...with heavy cream. A few weeks back I made a strawberry shortcake for a gathering with TC's beautiful sisters and father (and adorable nephews and brother-in-law). Why strawberry shortcake? Because I have been obsessed with all things strawberry since I was a small child with my SS dresses, lunchbox, and other paraphernalia. And because I have fallen in love with making desserts that fall into the traditional category, like pineapple upside down cake (which got rave reviews from my critics) and now strawberry shortcake.

Here I am with the cake. Photo courtesy of TC's lovely sister Rosalia.

So begins my love affair with heavy cream. Sure I've had whipped cream before, but usually out of a can, or a tub, or fat free, or some other nonsensical form of whipped cream. But this recipe called for heavy cream, so I bought it, whipped it, and haven't been the same since. It had the perfect proportion of sugar to cream to vanilla extract. What's more is that I've been looking for excuses to whip up another bowl full. Lucky for my bum and other various easily expanded body parts, I haven't found any valid excuses.

I've been clean from whipped cream for over two weeks now. I am a whipped cream-aholic.


  1. I'm hungry and that looks really, really tasty. I'm tempted to lick the computer screen.

  2. You are delightful. And that cake makes me want spring to come even faster!

  3. Hmm... so do you know about clotted cream? Becuase if you like butter and/or whipped cream...

  4. As a self-proclaimed critic of your pineapple upside down cake, I might need a second helping to discover that it is indeed as delicious as I remember. Really and truly to DIE for.


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