Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tea time

Isn't this tea set adorable? TC's father (or Elsuegro) brought this gift for me from Lasuegra (you guessed it: my mother-in-law). Lasuegra knows how much I enjoy drinking mate cocido and herbal tea, especially during winter, so she thought of me when she saw this. Am I lucky or what?

Naturally, the first opportunity I had I used the set and took photos to document it. Unfortunately, this was the only photo that turned out (because I was in all of the others, and shockingly I don't look all that great first thing in the morning).

Thank you Lasuegra! And thank you Elsuegro. Y'alls the best.

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  1. Oh that's an awesome set! I love it! I've been looking for one for Jason for awhile. Jason has a collection of herbal and fruit teas like I have never seen. It looks like you will have many stellar tea times!


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