Thursday, January 29, 2009

Serenity Now!

Statistic: the average Gordita makes 4 Seinfeld references per 10 minute conversation.*

What is it about that show that spans time and place? Watching and recalling episodes brings me so much joy. Here are my top 17 Seinfeld references:

1. Serenity now.
2. That changes everything!
3. You know I always wanted to pretend I was an architect.
4. Festivus for the rest of us and It's a festivus miracle.
5. Good naked and bad naked.
6. A big salad.
7. Dr. Van Nostrand.
8. Art Vandelay.
9. You know how to take the reservation; you just don't know how to hold the reservation.
10. It's been red flagged.
11. They write it off.
12. It will always be Burma to me.
13. Yada yada yada.
14. Full bodied dry heave set to music.
15. They're all pipes.
16. Who does not want to wear the rrribbon?
17. Pimple Popper, MD.

* Statistic may be exaggerated for effect.


  1. As long as you don't yada yada the best part: the bisque.

  2. LOL and a little pee came out.

  3. "Never seen that before...bird fly into the back of a woman's he couldn't avoid it."


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