Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a piece of peace.

I'm at peace. I've been around long enough to know that with me peace is fleeting. I'm far too fickle to actually stay feeling peaceful for very long. But right now, at this moment in time, I feel at peace--with work, home life, my progression (I feel at peace being a work in progress, which is not always the case), everything. I feel like I have a clear purpose, a defined path, which is comforting and refreshing. I don't know how long this peace will last, but I am savoring it while I can.

On another note, the 3 lbs lost in last week's vomiting debacle are back in full force. Sigh... I was miserable for nothing. I suppose I'm NOT at peace about that. Oh the irony...

On yet another note, I made a goal this week to wear a different pair of shoes each day because I typically wear the same black heels every day because I keep them at work, and they are sensible and fairly comfortable and if I wear the same ones every day I don't have to put forth much effort. But, I took those shoes home to polish, and I have been too lazy to polish them, so I have decided that I enjoy this week without my comfortable fall-back pair of black heels. And so far, so good. It turns out, I have great shoes, that I love. Wow! Yesterday: Lulu. Today: Steve Madden Lydia. Tomorrow: the possibilities are endless!

Ahh... Peace.


  1. I'd be at peace too if I had all the great shoes you have :) Wanna skip work on the 10th and come to my house for a valentine's day luncheon???

  2. So... I am totally your blog stalker! I love reading it! I'm so glad that you are at peace. It's funny how we struggle so hard to find "peace" in our lives and then when we have it we think we don't deserve and that something "bad" has to happen. Enjoy your peaceful state and don't let things get in the way of it!!!

  3. I'm so glad that you are at peace. Most days I can't find my piece of peace...I work on it daily though. Most days it occurs right before I fall into the depths of sleep or right as I wake up, but then I'm stricken with panic that I'm late or I dread what the day holds. ooooh peace.... Where art though?!

  4. Hurray for a little piece of peace. Ps. I am totally impressed by you polishing your shoes. I'm way too lazy for that, but my shoes could DEFINITELY use it!


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