Thursday, January 22, 2009


In my sickened stupor, I watched a lot of TV. So much so, that if I watch another episode of Clean House, I am going to do something drastic. (I paused for half a minute trying to think of something drastic that might be kind of funny too, but I couldn't think of anything. Sorry.)

I did catch something interesting that has had me laughing to myself for the last few days. The Colbert Report had on Anthony Romero from the ACLU, who said (right around minute 3:00) speaking of President George W. Bush, that he was "the worst president in eight long years." True, so true. But while we're on the subject of superlatives with which we are comparing one person to themselves, couldn't we also say that GWB is the best president in eight long years, and the president with the greatest smile in the last eight years, and the president who was most likely to succeed in the last eight years? Being that he was the only president we had in the last eight years, it makes for easy comparison.

Also, four years from now, won't we be able to say that Obama was the president in the last four years that had the best school spirit, was the best athlete, best dressed, and was the class clown?

I like this whole comparison against one. If I compare myself to, well, myself, I win! I have the plumpest lips of anyone sitting in my chair right now. I am also the best smelling person using this computer. I have the best personality, the corniest laugh, and the best build of ANYONE named Gordita who contributes to this blog.

So remember folks: if you want a good comparison, don't bother including other people in your sample; that makes things too confusing. Just compare one thing to itself.


  1. True! I like that.

  2. Love it! And I love Colbert. I'm surprised he didn't have a witty comeback for that super smart comment.

  3. My grandmother always told me that I was not only her favorite grand daughter, but also her favorite first grandchild. I am her only grand daughter and clearly the first born. I have no idea what she told the boys. hahah

  4. This IS a great idea! I am Zoey's best mommy!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post. You are so right!!!


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